How To Become a Pro Snowboarder?

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I shall begin with a two part apology, the first part; I am terrible with technology, secondly, there are many fantastic blogs out there, written by people who have a flair for the written word- I am not one of them.

When I thought about writing a blog I wondered what was most important; Humour? Quality of writing? Interesting content? I can of course promise none of the above, but I hope you at least don’t find the blog mind numbingly boring and get rather angry at me at the fact you will never get the two minutes it takes to read back.

To out line the content of the blog it will be a documentation of my life tryng to persue my dreams of making it to the Freeride World Tour by training and competing in the Freeride World Qualifier series and various other competitions. However I know what your thinking, its nearly May?- are you chasing the snow to the southern hemisphere to live a super exciting life? well no, I now have no money after last winter but over the summer I shall be home in sunny Leeds, searching for new sponsors, working to pay the rent (literally working to pay the rent for my winter apartment) and get my body physically ready for the trauma I plan to put it through next winter. I shall be having some “flash back” moments from last winter and filling you in on what went on. Be ready for some ridiculously poorly edited videos from my GoPro, as well as vaguely amusing commentary of what is probably going to be a rather boring summer.

I hope you enjoy. . . .


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