I hope everyone is having a fine bank holiday weekend, I wont lie to you, I feel you all deserve better than that, my weekend has not been the non stop fun fest you may expect, however it has been nice to bond with my parents.

Its funny though as what my father and I view as a good afternoon spent together is going on a hike in Ilkley in the terrible English weather, and obviously it rained ALL afternoon! We choose the Cow and Calf Rocks which is a brilliant place to start building up from to perhaps steeper and more challenging terrain. My dad calls it “scrambling”, when the terrain is a little unpredictable and you often end up using your hands to wade through the rock; I like to think of it as bringing out your inner child. It ended up being super fun and hard word in equal measure, the dog showed me up massively!

The reason for this and why I¬†will continue to hike though the summer is because I found one of the hardest aspects of back country last year were the walks. When you want to discover new areas of the mountain and more exciting and challenging lines it involved a pretty treacherous walk. The thing is, when you are skiing with rather athletic Swedish boys most of the time, I got very good at my “pretend I’m having a great time 10m behind you crawling up the hill, while I try not to hurl as a trawl my pathetic limbs to the top of the mountain”. Well, no more! Next season I hope to run up that hill like my life depended on it.

I hope you enjoy the little video clip. . . .