Working out and Staying Active

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I have recently begun heading back to the gym as part of my fitness regime for the summer. Although I am an outdoors girl at heart, getting to the gym has not posed an issue so far, in fact I think I like it. It is always make is so much easier when the gym is near to you, which mine is, its right next to my work in the city of centre of Leeds so now I have literally no excuses!

By way of a welcome, the gym offered me a free Personal Training session which was super, that is how I met Luke. Luke has proved to be an awesome personal trainer, we got along so well, he offered to train me and give me some more sessions for free, so obviously, given my current financial predicament-this was ideal. I explained I wasn’t your average “eeerr I feel fat and I eat terribly please help me loose weight with minimal effort”; I explained I wanted to work as hard as was necessary to ensure I can push myself as hard as it necessary next winter; thus we embarked on weight training. I’m sure any female readers will agree, that dreaded area of the gym, at the back, with all the dung-bells and is a very intimidating place. However with Luke with me ready to show me the ropes, I quickly felt right at home. So far we have gone through a variety of different weight training methods of how to build my upper and lower body strength and I feel when I go to the gym on my own I have plenty to be getting on with. Still no one can make it any less embarrassing when you are dripping with sweat, exhaling vigorously and unwittingly making those noises, (you know the ones, like female tennis players make).

After 2 weeks i feel better already and ready for the summer ahead. I would encourage anyone who hasn’t already, to venture to the back of the gym and get started on the weights as it will always make you feel strong and happy, those exercise endorphins do exist. I must mention, this of course should be accompanied with A, someone who knows what they are doing so you don’t end up in a steaming heap on the floor with a 5kg weight pinning you down, and B, some cardio to keep you fitness up.

Having said all of this I cant help but think of the snow. I am failing terribly at trying to make the most of the summer, I know its early days but I am already wondering how I can make it to the snow this summer, perhaps a few days on one of the Glaciers will be in order, as Leeds is a brilliant city and its wonderful to be spending time with the family but the mountains are my home and where I find my peace so maybe my soul searching adventure

Just a shot from some early season jogging last year. I made it about a quarter of my usual distance as the altitude made me feel like I was 80 years old!

Just a shot from some early season jogging last year. I made it about a quarter of my usual distance as the altitude made me feel like I was 80 years old!

of the summer will take me back to the mountains for some summer snow. . . .


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