OsteoSnow Ambassador

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Good Morning All, I hope everyone is well.

Sadly I am writing this before I go into work, this will involve standing for 6 hours talking about products I care so little about. However this morning I was looking over some mobile uploads from the winter and of course, once again I got to thinking about the snow. Ever since I start competing in the Freeride World Qualifier Series, things have changed so fast, one development was when I was asked to become an Ambassador for OsteoSnow.

OsteoSnow is a group of private medical clinic specialising in treatment from alpine sports injuries. They help rehabilitate you and get you back in business as soon as possible. They also specialise in preventative measures to optimise your performances, its all about keeping you on the mountain. They have multiple clinics world wide now and a whole team of specialists making sure your every medical need is catered for. In short, these are the guys you want to call in case of injury.

I received a PM from head honcho himself Andrea Faverio, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and OsteoSnow Founder. Andrea had said he had been following my posts and all my adventures and said he wanted me to represent his clinic and one of their official athletes, I of course accepted. It wasn’t a question of whether, I myself had been injured on the hill (I have of course, its a regular occurrence unfortunately) or whether I had experience in the medical field, for me it was about a shared passion. Andrea is a mountain man, a snow enthusiast and an all round top guy. Andrea has helped me further the people I can reach about my story and made me believe people want to hear it.

So Andrea and the Team at OsteoSnow, Thank you for your support and I wish you the best winter and the best of Luck for the future of this wonderfully caring and personal plan.

If you want to check out my Athletes Bio for Osteosnow, head on you my YouTube channel or my Vimeo Channel.

OsteoSnow page is www.fb.com/osteosnow or www.osteosnow.com


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