INVENTWETRUST- The Company Striving To Nurture The Positive Energy In All Of Us.

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I can recall very well, when I first met Fay And Neve. It was my first winter season ever, I was 18 and now I can say I knew very little about anything, still dont now- but that’s another story. I guess its far cry from Romeo and Juliet but the girls worked for a company which will not be named and myself for another rival tour operator. All bright eyed as most 18yr olds are, and after all I met many great people that fateful winter in Pila, I can safely say Fay and Neve stood out. They were surrounded by an ora of positivity and something I have mentioned before, “mountain spirit”. They are part of that elusive group of people, some meet many, some may only meet a few, the people who are quietly relaxed, happy in their own skin, care immensely for the people and the world around them and want to give the best they can give. I have had the pleasure of knowing them for years, as well as living in the same town as them again 3 years ago in Courmayeur. This is why I was over the moon when they asked me to become just a small part of their ambitions. This is not a “sponsorship” where I am whisked off to every snow covered corner of the world but instead it is an alliance, my support in return for theirs. I am showing my support by telling all you readers why you should choose their products over anyone else’s. Don’t buy something just because, buy something for the shared philosophy, for the shared passion and for the love.

There girls are based now out of the beautiful French town on Chamonix, if anyone knows mountains, its these 2, so whatever your chosen sport they have something to suit your vibe. Anyway, I cant explain it as well as they can, this is what Neve and Fay have to say about their project:


In/Vent/We/Trust is a mantra, a way of life, a collection of consciousness that manifests itself through creative endeavours. In a desperate attempt to only project, reflect and in return obtain positive energy, the concept of ditching or ‘venting’ all negative thoughts and feelings must be pursued. Its not easy in a social consciousness determined by a few and implemented by the powerful but each person can achieve a level of power and each person can use positive mental thought and action as a way to filter or ‘vent’ out the collective social toxins that seem to sometimes dwell within or hearts and minds.

The IVWT symbol has been created through the use of 3 lines that create the triangle, the mathematical symbol for change. The Rule of 3 dictates that what ever energy you put out comes back to you 3 times over. We are striving to put out positive energy and encourage positive change.

IVWT wants to promote this message with every purchase. We hope that reading this, and wearing our products reminds the owner about their conscious universe and well-being. There are no subliminal messages, no cult like behaviour or fire poi just plain and simple positivity, in as much of our lives as we can achieve. We all play intrinsic parts in each others realities,  to be observed is a life changing event, to observe is a powerful tool. We observe clothing all day long, it can tell a story. We are putting out thoughts with what we wear, so why not make them meaningful enriching and positive.

Ponder deeply.


Head online and check out their collection or just get to know them a little better:


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