The Next Stop On The Adventure

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Having an odd day, when you live your life like an emotional roller-coaster then most days turn out to have a modicum of highs and lows and today was no different. It is my 23rd birthday today and I know full well I have so much to be grateful for; for a big start I am young, fit and I have my health in totality but yet in a classic 1st world way I will of course find something to complain about.

I am coming to a sad conclusion about one aspect of my life, this one aspect you cant always talk about out loud; everyone will have an opinion on what should be done and how you should be, I feel that maybe this blog could be my only free pass to empty my heart of whatever I am feeling. My feelings control everything I do, especially when it comes to my snowboarding.

My friends who have stuck around for a few years will know exactly what I am talking about. This may sound ridiculous but in this particular part of my life I am realising I am just “too Italian”.  I want to be discrete so I will say just this; I know when you live a transient life style sometimes it can be very hard to form relationships, or indeed ones that last. I have always lived my life to extremes, in love, in sport, with friends, with food, I am 100% Italian passion. I wear my heart on my sleeve and have it broken more times than I have had Spaghetti Bolognese. For the rest of my life and for every adventure I come across I will treat every new individual or experience as if I have never been hurt or ever been sad. That’s right? Right?

Any how, back to the title of this blog post, it is relevent I promise I just needed a quick rant, however it has pushed me to feel my current circumstances are exactly right for me. I quit my job here in Leeds, for all you Leedionians out there, I salute you, this city is amazing but I am not cut out for the trend following, make-up wearing, “I want it now” city dwelling antics you guys are used to, I am ready for the next chapter. I have been back in touch with a dear friend of mine, who has offered me a place to return to lake Garda as a guide. Checking on guests, running excursions around the area and mostly hanging by the lake with my friends.

I do have other motivation for spending the last 3 months of the summer there, its another 1st world problem. . . I am a sad sad poor little unfunded athlete. I am unashamedly “touting” as my father would say, for more sponsors going forward to next winter. I checked once more on the Freeride World Tour rankings and I am Number 1 UK entrant in the Qualifier series, and I am so over the moon that I have achieved that ranking but my gosh did it cost a pretty penny. I travelled all over to different comps but next winter my plan is to visit even more counties, I plan to hit: Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, France, Slovenia, Italy and maybe North America; some places I’ve been, some I haven’t but my dream for the winter is to try, maybe fail but also maybe succeed in these wonderful destinations.

I had promised a summer of training, getting mentally and physically ready for the winter and I feel Lake Garda is the perfect place to start. I worked there a few years ago in the North and that is why I am so stoked at the prospect of getting back on my mountain bike, back to windsurfing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and some yoga. What better scenic back drop to get back on the fitness track this summer. I plan to absorb every single thing that happens and let it educate me in some way, treat every new person with respect and love and enjoy every day. Then maybe if I blog and Tweet, Facebook, and Instagram enough, a protencial sponsor will think ” that gal is hella cool, she totally deserves a new sponsor for the winter”.  I imagine they will say that in a slight Americanised accent and be wearing a tall t and high tops at the same time.

Oh well, thats the dream, for Monday and Tuesday before my departure on Wednesday I’m not going to let the Leeds girl inside me go just yet, I’m going to have to give my self a mani-pedi as I need those nails look cute while on my SUP and I will also need to work on my base tan with some tanning oil in the back garden. . . . Don’t look at me like that man, I lived in this city where the girls are scarily like the ones of Newcastle for 17 yrs before I discovered I was a total hippie!

have a lovely week all.


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