The Calm Before the Storm

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I don’t have an awful lot to say this time round, but I’ve just come back from a pretty hearty Yoga Session down by the lake and I wanted to share it with you. You see, I can feel the anxiety and stress of life build up on me so quickly, if I don’t have an outlet, which normally is physical activity, I begin to feel the strain of reality. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I do find reality, the normality of everyday, very scary indeed. When I have activity or training to focus on, I have I way to steady my thoughts on something I have control over; my own strength, my own potential and how far I can push myself.¬† image image

Any how, this evening after some incredible electrical thunder storms, I saw a gap in the weather and thought the newly cool temperature would be perfect for an evening Yoga and Meditation session. It doesn’t happen offen but man I was right, self five, it was the best idea ever. Sadly the more complex poses towards the latter part of my session were not caught on the GoPro as the sun went down and not even the moonlight shone bright enough. However while I focused and dedicated myself to my time on the Matt I felt a sense of a metorphorical and literal, “calm before the storm”. Not only is the lightening about to strike again but I must treasure these moments of quiet simplicity. The winter is rapidly approaching, and at a speed I can’t quite comprehend. Before I know it, it will be Ocotber and time to head back to Cervinia for some altitude training. I owe it to myself, my family and friends (who have been such a massive support), my now sponsors, and potential sponsors so work as hard as I can. Speaking of sponsors . . . . . ¬†Things are certainly looking up. Stay tuned and I shall let you guys know the deets very soon.

Peace and love.


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