Angelica Sykes on what it means to be a competitive freerider


A very proud moment for me. My first blog spot for this awesome British snow sports institution. Watch this space for regular updates over the season.

Ski Club Blog

Recently I read on the Ski Club GB blog a post on “Big competitions to keep an eye on this summer”.

It touched on the Freeride World Tour by Swatch and The North Face, and made reference to some awesome British riders that are competing in these competitions, They’re really a great opportunity to showcase British talent, but are often shadowed by the big annual freestyle competitions that are ever-so popular in the mass media.

Regardless, and no matter what the sport, you always feel proud to brandish the GBR letters next to your name in the Qualifying Series, and freeriding will continue to grow as more snowsports athletes become passionate about big mountain riding.

To introduce myself, I’m Angelica Sykes and a competitive freerider.Freeride snowboard in powder

Freeriding is a style of snowboarding, performed on natural, un-groomed, terrain, without a set course, goals or rules. It evolved throughout the…

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