Find the balance, Cardio v Strengh- Summer Training

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image image image image image image image image image image image image image imageAs you have all probably seen on social media, well, I say that as if you all are my loyal and avid followers and literally sit and wait for me to post something which I highly doubt. 😉 As you all have lives but a gals gotta dream.

Any how, I was going to say of course it has been no secret I am loving learning more about yoga but there has to be a balance between cardio and building Strengh. To get to the physical level I want to be at I sadly have to be willing to get to that point where you are crying inside but because there are other people around you pretend that you are really enjoying the head to toe pain. I like to call it game face!

However yesterday was a cracking day. I have always been a big fan of mountain biking but thought road biking was a little dull. If you put the right scenery behind you then it becomes a real pleasure. We cycled from Malcesine to Lago Di Tenno, North of Arco and man it was a sweet ride. 27 km to Riva then the continuous uphill climb of 10km to Lago Di Tenno then down and back again. 70km in total for the day but don’t feel to sorry for me, I had plenty of cold draft beer at the end of the day as a treat. I felt strong and super stoked at the end of the day, I felt happy to be back in the mountains and back to real nature but also a sense of adventure. It was such a fun day so I’m dying to share the pictures with you guys.


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