Training for the winter season – Finding the balance

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My article on fitness and training for the winter season! Check it out . . . . If you want of course

Ski Club Blog

Words by Angelica Sykes – Competitive Freeride Athlete.

I have really enjoyed staying in shape this summer. It has been a real mixed bag of activities along with some regular workouts. Immediately after the winter I was focusing on the gym, however I have realised there are so many other ways to stay fit and incorporate the outdoors into your workout.

This is what helps prepare your body for the physically demanding tasks of freeride skiing or snowboarding. As we are beginning to understand, it’s not just the blissful and euphoric surf in the powder, and more often than not involves pretty intense hikes at altitude.

So how do I prepare?


Yoga is about using your own body weight to build strength, while working on your breathing. As an effective tool for preventing injury and combating muscular imbalances in snowboarders, the benefits of yoga are immense. It’s a…

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