Winter Prep- FATMAPS, Caxton FX and New Plans and Sponsors.

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Hey everyone,

I will begin by saying it appears as if I am a rather terrible “blogger”, I mean I have started wearing glasses (as sadly I am going just a little blind) but I don’t wear an over sized scarf, carry my phone in my hand 24/7 with my handbag gently resting on my mid arm, nor do wait for gaps in conversation to talk about how enlightening writing a blog is and how its helped me get in touch with the “real me”. However at least I need to remember; TO GET PEOPLE TO READ THE BLOG, I SHOULD PROBABLY WRITE SOMETHING EVERY NOW AND AGAIN! For those of you who do read my blog, firstly thanks once again, also I am sorry for neglecting WordPress for the last month. My s*** has just got crazy. everything has taken off in a wonderful direction and I am awfully grateful.

I take off to Italy in just 6 days so obviously I am so stoked and just trying to get my life together so I am ready to pick up and relocate again for the next 6 months. In the mean time I have many loose ends to tie up.

I have started working with an amazing new company and I am over the moon to be affiliated with them. FATMAPS, well I should probably let them explain-

“To get the most out of the outdoors, we need to be able to answer the unique and personal questions we all have every time we start an adventure. How steep is that hill? What’s over that ridge? Will that area be in the sun for a spot of lunch? The amount of information we have about an area and how understand the terrain we travel in are both fundamental to the necessary experiences we all want, need and have in the outdoors.

At FATMAP, we’ve built the world’s most detailed 3D outdoor mobile maps. By creating 3D models of mountainous areas, we’re profoundly changing the way we understand the terrain by offering new ways of extracting the terrain information we seek. These models then become the perfect vehicle for delivering area, expert and sport-specific data with every piece of information being geo-referenced, context-specific and created & updated by a community of experts.”

The wonderful team over at FatMaps have enlisted me with the task of putting together the info on pistes around Champoluc, as well as some of my favourite freeride routes around. You could soon be downloading the app to try your own hand at my signature freeride routes.  You can download the app for free and then choose your resort. More destinations coming soon I might add so watch this space. On the Thursday of the Ski and Snowboard show I will be hanging with them at the 3 Valleys Press Conference.

This year I will be heading to the British Ski and Snowboard Show. As a kid, I used to love going as a guest but now I get to be there as a pro, going along with the wonderful Caxton FX  bank. I will be on their stand in London; Friday and Saturday, getting to talk to all you lovely people about freeriding, why the Caxton Card rocks my world and also doing the Flip Card challenge. I am very excited to see what the future brings with Caxton, they are an awesome company to be affiliated with and who knows, maybe that could develop into something more. Come and visit us on the stand if you are around, it will be super fun!

This does mean I will be jetting off to Italy to have a few days shred on the glacier before I come back to merry old London town for a few fun days mincing around the Ski and Snowboard show like I’m some kind of Legit Pro, rubbing shoulders with Aimee Fuller, Jamie Nicholls and Jenny Jones. Well the British public don’t need to know I’m not quite in their league, so between you and me ssssshhhhhhhh Angelica Sykes is the next big thing in British Freeride champions.  😉 HA! #sorry #noactuallysorry


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