A Freerider’s Kit List


Ski Club Blog

Words by Angelica Sykes – Competitive Freeride Athlete.

It’s that time of the year again; retailers are having their pre-season sales, flights are still reasonably priced and now is the time you should be booking your tickets to the Ski and Snowboard Show, Freeze Festival and, of course, Snowbombing.

Now, either you’re a seasonaire, in which case you’ll be in the midst of packing your suitcase, desperately trying not to go over the 20kg limit whilst finding space for your Mum’s OXO cubes and handfuls of Cadburys chocolate bars. (Thanks Gran!) Or you’re an enthusiastic holiday maker, who sneakily watches last season’s powder edits at work while waiting for your boss to approve your 2 week peak-season holiday.

Either way, it’s easy to get snowed under with articles and advice on what an experienced powder hound or a first timer should be bringing. However there’s no need to…

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