The F word

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Hey Everyone,

This is going to be a super cheesy blog entry, one that will make you feel as uncomfortable as me no doubt. However going forward into my career I wanted to make my feelings very clear, nor do I hope anyone mentions it to me again, as I have little to no desire to hear peoples opinions, on the other hand, I hope silently this may be just the thing someone needs to hear.

I will keep it breif then we can talk about all the other amazing stuff going on. The F word I am referring too is FAT. Sadly I’m sure many other “athletes” hear this word when it comes to training however its this term athlete which is making me feel so self concious. I am an athlete. I work out a lot, I am training often as my life revolves around it. I am strong and I am fit, however I do not and will never fit into a mould of the classic Olympian. I know it may seem like I am trying to justify myself here but I am not, I am simply saying “pipe down” to anyone who feels the need to school me on A. How to be a better snowboarder, B. Who feels my ass to tit to waist ratio isn’t satisfactory or C. I need to be a better person in general (as aren’t fat people supposed to be super bubbly? I may not be quite bubbly enough). My “weight” is no longer  a problem for me, subjectively to ME. I was bullied for 10 years, painfully so to the point that now, aged 23 I am only just feeling comfortable in my skin. The point of the matter is, thanks to my Italian ancestry I have a very, shall we say, womanly figure. However Boys, I challenge you to measure your arm muscles against mine, my legs which are strong and powerful will carry me across this world without an ache or pain. So the point is, it serves you more than it does me, for you to say I may not be fat in the regular world but I’m certainly too fat to be an athlete, well you can -insert other “f” word-off. All girls should feel empowered to be doing anything that is out of the norm, fat, thin, tall short or whether you have a third nipple or 12 fingers and the people around them should send positive vibes and nothing else.  If you want to spend the day training with me and still tell me I’m no athlete then I’m in Breuil-Cervinia snowboarding, or if you think I have a pretty face but its a shame about the body, I invite you to watch me twerk up a storm in the club with my gorgeous back side or you just can leave me alone as anyone who doesn’t see the inside beauty then we wouldn’t get along anyhow.


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