#Project360 trails and Tribulations

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That’s literally all I have to say today. You know when you get so mad at yourself its amusing, well that’s where I am at with my life. I know I should pretend that its totally fine, all part of the training schedule but no, I am so mad at myself. Especially as my beautiful, wonderful and nauseating riding buddy Tijn landed it obviously. I also did that classically girly thing where I was said “oh well done, I’m so proud of you”, of course I am, deeply but then I had a little tantrum in the chair lift. When I say tantrum I mean I threw my gloves on the floor and my goggles got all foggy in the process. However I am totally over it now, its been a few hours and clearly I work fast, I AM SO OVER IT!

Seriously though, I will nail this. I know many people ride for the love and for the passion and while I also feel that way, I ride to train as its my life and everything is to better me towards my goal. Tomorrow I will head up again and it will happen! I will do the 360 and it will be so gosh darn pretty it will make people applaud me on the run down to the chair lift.

I hope.

PS. I have not attached a picture of my failed attempts as you guys simply do not need to see that!


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