Catching up-Where Is All The Snow?

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So, Its bleak, Its really bleak, but yet in a ever positive attitude I am trying to pretend its not happening. I am referring to the snow.

Any snow sports lover will surely be aware of the terrible and barren conditions in the Alps at the moment. Looking out at the mountain sphere and seeing a sight I have never seen in all the years I have been in the mountains. Its a worry that I have that the only explanation is this is the effects of global warming. Anyone who denies that the world is changing isn’t listening to the nature around them. I would consider myself a mountain girl, I feel at home here, I am still learning to read the environment and the nature so that I can achieve the best experience ever; These days when I look out the window I can hear so loud and so clear that something is changing. It should be deep winter at this point in the season an yet I have seen no sights of the winter. However we must make the most of the situation as I couldn’t think of a better place to be than in my home mountain resort of Cervinia, with some awesome people around me.

I have struck so lucky this year with my room-mates, all of whom are super keen and enthusiastic mountain people too- as well as fellow yoga lovers. Some of whom will come and do some of the comps with me, this of course means when the snow hits, the training days in the back country will be epic. On a morning we get up, put a pot of coffee on and tuck into a delicious breakfast, perfect to set us up for the day, we then head onto the mountain to shred everything we can, every feature, every turn and every track we have absolutely destroyed, although this isn’t free ride training directly, I am having a simply blooming lovely time.   The people are so important, its the shred buddies you have around you that make your day regardless of conditions. Until the snow arrives we shall happily sit and wait.

I will give you an update on my new sponsors very soon, until then, Keep the Stoke.





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