It’s Snowing!

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It’s only gone and blooming started snowing! What a miracle, I can’t believe what a blessing this is; how poetic it is that as soon as the new year arrives that the snow does too. Not that I haven’t been having a lovely time, as I have, like I keep saying, my roommates are the best riding buddies in town. However I can’t say that I wasn’t worried about training in preparation for the competition season, which begins next week! Also Tijn and I haven’t been able to do much in the way of filming for our freeride movie on account of the fact there simply is no freeride. Now, everything is coming together nicely, I am stoked to say the least.

Over the past few days nearly a half meter has fallen and it just continues to fall, the forecast makes for simply dreamy reading with the blessed snow falling for the next week at least. More over, this Friday we may just be in with our first true freeride day with sun and blue skies and a fresh coating of nearly a meter by then. This does mean I need to get my arse in gear as we say in Yorkshire, by maximising my mountain time and ensuring I make the most of every day.

I looked at the Edits from Verbier Freeride week of last year and I felt a bubbling of excitment rush through me, the kid of excitement I used to get as a child when my parents agreed to take an overly excitable child to a theme-park. I don’t care if I fall, I don’t care if the conditions are not perfect, I feel so ready to shred as best as my short legs with let me and hang out with some awesome peeps! The other competitors in Verbier Freeride week rock so I’m sure it will be a super fun week.

Any how, That’s where I’m at, so all that is left to say is Peace and Love and enjoy the shred this week people!


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