Vegan Propaganda? How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

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Okay, I guess I shall begin by saying, I have always been a little “mouthy”, opinionated and never shied away from a good old debate. However when I decided to go vegan, I didn’t want to be someone who preached, bullied and rallied to get my point across. I had, and still have blind faith that one day, people will open their eyes to the sad reality facing our planet and our health and wise up in their own time. If I am engaged in conversation I will gladly say my feelings and spread by knowledge, which is still VERY LIMITED. Let’s not forget, I am not a nutritionist or a Doctor but what I am is inquisitive; I did my research, I have watched countless educational videos and read countless articles, gathering my information to understand what is truly best for not only my body, but for humanity and planet earth.

If you don’t want me to talk about being a vegan, my health and fitness plan and future as a professional snowboarder ( They are all intrinsically linked), then don’t come to my blog. MY blog is my outlet and my chance to say my opinions, I make no money from it, and none is forced here at gun point.


So let us begin. . . . .

I have struggled with weight gain, issues of insecurity, mild depression and anxiety my entire adult life, since I was bullied for about 8 years. Into adult life I found I could never satisfy myself, satisfy my soul. Since going vegan, as brief has that time has been, I have had my world turned upside down. ACHE, GONE. DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY, GONE. EXCESS WEIGHT, DROPPING OFF. MUSCLE POWER, HEIGHTENED. SKINCARE, HAIR AND NAILS, STRONG AND VIBRANT. CONSCIOUS, CLEAR. All thanks to a plant based, clean eating vegan lifestyle.

So this blog entry is going to be a long one, so strap in, get comfy and let’s review together as the naive, stupid and uneducated people, The Daily Mirror thinks we are, If you haven’t seen the article in question, it’s entitled “Why you really can eat fat to lose weight”, page 26, written by Caroline Jones with “factual” contributions from Zana Morris.

This idea of eating fats to lose weight is picking up pace in the popular media, and why wouldn’t it; it facilitates us eating high fat, nutritionally weak foods while soothing our conscious about eating animal products. To someone who is blissfully unawares,  this article glamorizes- eating full fat milk, cheese and butter to aid a weight loss diet, and more alarmingly, recommended to type 2 diabetes sufferers is just awful. I am gob smacked that this bullshit got published AS THIS WHOLE ARTICLE REVOLVES DIRECTLY AROUND THE IDEA THAT PARTICULARLY, HIGH FAT DAIRY AND MEAT IS GOOD FOR US? Wonder who funded the research? The totally independent and non bias health food industry not at all subsidized by the agricultural industry or the supermarkets?

“The National Obesity Forum” and “Public Health Collaboration”are suggesting all of what we have been told before about healthy eating is incorrect, and the food industry has held the truth from us. That is correct, they fail to mention all the additional hormones, steroids and effective poisons that are added to high fat foods, namely animal products.

The article continues and goes to say the message could not be more clear, “A diet rich in full fat dairy, such as cheese, milk and yogurt can actually lower your chance of obesity”. Funny that when one of our primary sources of saturated fats in the UK diet is from dairy? Obesity is a epidemic facing the UK and many other European countries. Bare in mind every EU member state produces dairy, Milk for example attributes to 15% of the value output and we are arguably one of the globes most notable power players in dairy market, being renowned around the world for cheese production, French, the Italians, the Swiss. Could it not be possible that they want you to continue to buy milk- therefore find niche arguments to suggest it’s amazingly good for you like some kind of miracle food like this article suggests. Not only that they have very few regulations on the use of additives and hormones; if your average farmer knew this, may they not as human beings want to make money and therefore try to increase productivity by adding hormones and antibiotics into the milk for example? (Just to clarify, I am a massive EU supporter, it’s not only in the EU, the whole agricultural industry is terrible in my opinion and we truly don’t know how farmers get their cows to produce lactation for 4 whole years, is it by chemicals or by rubbing their chin and telling them how cute they are.)

The article demonizes carbs, it keeps saying LOWCARB; they do clarify that carbs and not all bad yet do not make the distinction in what is good and what is bad. Let us not make the mistake of grouping fast food chain chips and homemade roasted sweet potatoes or white cardboard bread and gluten free bread filled with whole grains and seeds into one group. Why is a low carb diet suggested to be the glitter floored path to redemption?Natural carbs like rice or potatoes allow our body’s to take the glucose from the food and convert it into useful energy, to fuel you throughout the day. However advocating animal products, like cheese and butter, saying that these foods are recommended for diabetes sufferers, dare I say this is-fucking lies! Is it not known that diary disrupts the productivity of the liver and panaceas by slowing absorption and secretion, therefore making imbalances in hormones?

NB. I cut out diary and my so called hormone imbalance that caused my acne, strangely disappeared, I wonder- *does jazz hands* HOW ON EARTH THAT HAPPENED!

Apparently, insulin is the “FAT” hormone. Is it not damning and dangerous to use this connotation. When actually insulin has nothing at all to do with fat and everything to do with sugar.  Insulin- if you didn’t already know from GCSE Biology; is the hormone which helps your body take sugars from carbohydrates occurring in everything you injest. Insulin helps keep the blood sugar at a equilibrium and help prevent HYPERGLYCEMIA OR HYPOGLYCEMIA. So it’s about fat? Did I mention FAT in that explanation?

The last direct quote I had a an issue with is: ” Dietary fats, however, requires several complicated steps to convert to glucose, therefore doesn’t trigger a direct rise in insulin at all”- NO SHIT you dingbat, not a direct rise as you so eloquently put it,  but it just fucks with your hormone balance in a slow and gruesome way. Spikes and troughs in insulin is caused by processed sugars, we all have sustainable rises and dips in insulin levels when we eat and or are hungry or have just eaten, that is not abnormal you pleb! Who is this women. When you consume animals products with a comparatively low value nutrition, your body stores the fat for the long term. Our body likes to store complex fats like diary for the long haul in case we suffer from famine or a period of starvation, leaving it with a fat dense reserve to use as survival energy. AWESOME RIGHT, YAYYYYYYYYYY KIMK ARSE COMPLETE WITH CELLULITE AND WOBBLE.

I literally have so much to say about this article, just writing this blog entry is making my head want to explode, there is so much wrong with it that any positive info is overlooked due to the sheer magnitude of it’s lies and propaganda. Just check out their idea of a ideal days eating; (All the while- AVOIDING AT ALL COSTS, FRUIT AND MOST VEGETABLES, SEEDS, GRAINS, BEANS- AS SWEET BABY JESUS THEY CONTAIN THE DEVIL FOODS, NATURAL SUGARS AND CARBS-insert sarcastic British accent and patronizing head tilt and eye twitch.)

Example Day:

Breaki- scrambled eggs with butter and cheese.

Lunch- A whole tub of full fat cottage cheese, walnuts, pine nuts and celery

Dinner- Pan fried steak with melted Boursin cheese, spinach and butter.

Oh, they are not total monsters, you are allowed certain greens and cauliflower! Oh thank god right!


SOOOOOOOOO, that’s where I am.

I feel this goes against so much rational and forward thinking regarding what is best for the human body. Truth is, what works for me, may not for everyone, I know the vegan diet isn’t plausible for everyone and it will take time for the British supermarkets to catch up with us, not to use animal by products in every other product on the shelf. But one thing I do know, is that consuming fats, the likes of which we just don’t know enough about them to recommend so passionately, can only lead to another cog in the great problem. People don’t know enough about good food and what’s sad is a I see a niche group in America and Australia certainly, trying to promote veganisum, but never have I seen a notable vegan doctor, nutritionist or expert, ever feature on “Good Morning Britain”, “BBC” or in ANY newspaper. Doesn’t mean it isn’t a life style worth exploring or a topic for interesting debate, but doing something as simple as going vegan, serves to make no one any profit but does so much for the planet which seems to be the least sexy dietary option.






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