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In her final blog post of the season, pro freeride snowboarder Angelica Sykes tells all about her season. And although it didn’t go as planned, she’s stacked full of positivity for the 2016/17 winter!

So winter is over for us Northern Hemisphere dwellers and what can we say about the winter just gone? For holidaymakers, tourists, seasonnaires and pros alike, it’s hard to find someone who did not notice the very obvious changes, namely in the weather. Don’t worry, you don’t have to stop reading for fear of this turning into another hippie-dippie article about climate change but still, I can’t go without mentioning the very harsh reality that faces people like myself; people who’s lives, passion and actual occupations are in the mountains. Not only that but as a more active competitor like me, I can safely say – I am writing this winter off. Although it’s not all…

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