Girls of The Backcounty, #WomenInSport #GirlPower


It’s time for #ThatFridayFeeling again. . . .

Now for anyone who followes my blog, all 3 of you, we have had a 100% increase! Yay haha!- You will be aware that I am a massive advocate for women in sport and particularly Snow Sports! So when I come across an edit I simply can’t ignore, my first instinct is to share it with you awesome people.

Wherever you are from, whichever discipline is yours; with love in your heart, the equipment in your back pack and your pals by your side, any gal can accomplish her dreams! Like these girls, maybe you consider Innsbruck to be your spiritual home, for myself, as you know, it’s the Aosta Valley of course but I know there are whiter pastures for me to explore.

This girls bring team work, determination and spirit together to show that mountain who is boss.

Check it out!. . . .

Snow White: Girls Backcountry Touring | VAUDE


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