Volunteering in Malawi with Love Support Unite. Good for the soul!

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Now do I have a pretty big update for you lovely people!

So some of you may know that I have been working along side Love Support Unite charity and the the brand Love Specs. I have been helping them with their social media as gosh knows, I love social media. It is a truly beautiful organisation and It in genuinely  a labor of love. All the late nights and many hours spent on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and now Snapchat too- is just wonderful as the path that we are is one that leads to promise and to the future.

Who are Love Support Unite?

Trying to steer clear of the word charity in it’s most literal sense, Love Support Unite are more of a meeting of minds. With 6 pillars of hope and plans for the future, they try to change lives for communities in Malawi. Malawi being top 10 world’s poorest country, yet a country so full of culture, potential and bursting at the seams with love; is a country that needs a little helping hand. We don’t work for them, we work with them, helping them empower themselves and find a genuine level of sustainability in all aspects of daily life, to ensure they can leave crippling poverty behind. Through: Clean water, clean energy, reliable crops, sustainable education, local business loans, medical care and even helping source materials for building work, care for children and overall improvement in the local community. Using the hashtag #YouAreLove, this empowering idea is putting love at the forefront. They raise money through you generous people, via one time or monthly donations but also through the sale of their product that embodies their ideas- Love Specs.

Donate at: http://lovesupportunite.org/donations/

Love Specs

Love Support Unite are Love Specs and Love Specs and Love Support Unite. Love Specs are really unique. These heart shaped glasses are love all over. Popular at festivals, parties and anyone who likes to be that little bit different; When you place the flip filter down, the glasses react with light and let you see hearts everywhere you look.- these glasses are beautiful inside and out. 100% of proceeds go to Love Support unite and with the original black specs being a snip at just £12 you can’t really say no. They have also brought out a new retro John Lennon esc pair that are too cool for school and really limited edition, PLUS a few times a year they come out with one of a kind, specials in purple, red and white!


Running their social media means being up close and personal in all aspects of Love Support Unite. Trying to understand what it must be like to live in Malawi and more over, try to thrive and grow for your family and your community. That is why, when they suggested I should go on the next volunteer trip in October I knew I had to go. I was worried about money; this winter I really need to focus and be committed, so I knew I needed to save money. However, I also knew that this summer has been a soul searching journey for me to becoming genuinely happy with myself and the world around me. This is the part of me that spoke and said I needed to do this to gain a better understanding of all that life encompasses, all that is out there- outside of the snow sports world. I want to live my life from a stance of compassion, love and care and I know that going to Malawi and being given to opportunity to see all parts of Love Support Unites’ work will help me grow and appreciate all that I am so lucky to have. This is something bigger and more important that me and I want to be just a teeny tiny part or making anyone’s life just a bit more easy.

So there you have it, for just 10 short days in October, right before the ski and snowboard show, I am jetting off to Malawi. I think the part I am most intrigued about is female empowerment. A subject so close to my heart I hope to help women in the communities in Malawi, see how all powerful and wonderful they are. I will be Snap chatting and filming while I am there so you can see for yourselves what incredible work Love Support Unite.

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