Sweaty Betty, My Go-To WorkOut Wardrobe. #SweatYourStyle

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Hey Team,


(This blog post it one for the lasses; lads I imagine you will find this mind numbingly boring- BUT if you have a girlfriend who works out, maybe you will think Sweaty Betty next time you fall out with her, you can bribe her with fitness leggings!)

So how is everyone? Well I hope. So today I wanted to do a super brief blog just to tell you about one of my favourite brands for workout gear. As you guys well know, training as such a massive part of the down season lifestyle for me; as I imagine for all you skiers and snowboarders out there, whatever your ability, you should be doing regular exercise. Exercise not just for a sense of well being and vitality but also to ensure you can ride all day long and avoid that pesky end of day fatigue . I have been working out at home mostly using weights, skipping and my own circuit training. However I decided that I really want to maximise why muscle weight gain so I am heading back to the gym- I am going to blog about that too so watch this space.

I have thought that my workout wardrobe now consists of just one brad largely and that’s Sweaty Betty! For good reason too. Its not just yummy mummies and yoga instructors, the gear is functional and so gosh darn pretty that fitness enthusiasts such as myself still find it massively useful. I don’t know if you guys know- I am no wall flower, I am rather outgoing (Big surprise, I know- Bomb shell much) but Sweaty Betty have created a line that lets my personality shine through my workout wardrobe without holding me back.

A couple of the most important points:

  • For yoga, largely, unless specified, their leggings are 100% opaque. Downward dog to your hearts content without that oh so dissatisfying VPL. They range from slightly thicker and durable to thinner, lighter and really help enhance your poses.
  • For training their leggings are super supportive.  I have never been alarmed by the “tightness” but its not uncomfortable, they help you focus on your workout all the while your bum looks just fab! Their practical tops are brilliant too. In a range of sweat wicking and sensitive fabrics you can find something that ideal for you workout.

My favourite Items:

  • Zero Gravity Run leggings in Glacier Print. They have a pattern that is so beautiful and inspired by the mountains it makes me feel very melancholy. They are super supportive and are ideal for running outdoors or the gym.
  • The Stamina Bra. What an absolute staple. Coming in a variety of colours, for a varied workout from cardio to weights this is ideal for me, even with a bigger chest I still find it comfortable and the threading is really smart.
  • Pace setter Run Vest. These vests come in 3 colours this season but they are awesome. Super breathable and slightly sheer which make them cute too. I like to tie mine at the waist to add a little extra edge.
  • The Time Out Luxe Jacket. Is awesome! Literally Love it. I wear it all the time and it is perfect going to and from the gym or any activity. I wear it daily too and with is structured style it is still smart looking. Not only that its really good with perspiration.
  • Swiftie Run Cap. As most of you who follow me on Snapchat know- I am a massive baseball cap fan, in fact you name it, snapback, trucker cap HATS HATS HATS, I LOVE THEM. But I have been wearing this cap almost too often. Its ideal when working out to keep your hair at bay but also allows you to maintain a cool and stylish look.

Their new season collection inspired by Iceland with a “Fire and Ice” theme is right up my street. I am of course more ice than fire, being a total mountain girl but all the cool winter colours are just sensational and this season is certainly my spirit collection. Instagram- You are about to get inundated with SB pictures!  Check out this promo.



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