Gilson Snowboard Review- Fly Model

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“If you can get your hands on this piece of craftsmanship, don’t miss out on your opportunity to FLY”- Gilson.


I literally couldn’t wait to tell you all about the fly Gilson but with one thing or another, I am only just getting round to it. However, it’s still available online and looks like it’s now a firm member of the Gilson family! Again, no one has asked me to make this little review but when a product is this good, you simply have to shout it from the rooftops. I have ridden many boards over the years BUT without any shadow of a doubt, the Fly model is my spirit board.

 “Champagne is not for everyone, but that’s a good thing – untouched lines are a luxury that should be cherished with the right equipment. With a 3D base, the FLY pairs massive lift with a submerging swallow tail that allows you to surf the snow at speed”- Never a truer word was spoken Gilson!

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I won’t lie to y’all, you deserve better, I was so nervous to ride the Fly. It’s 156cm which is basically my height. I have never ridden a board like the Fly before, I have mainly ridden all mountain or directionals but I knew it needed to try a board like this to experience the lift, the speed and the movability in the freeride.  Sadly, the conditions just didn’t seem right and I didn’t get the chance to take the board out until MARCH! But as sad as it is that the real incredible powder didn’t arrive until the end of the season, that first ride with the board. . . . man, it was something else.

I strapped in and pointed the nose down the hill, (only on the piste, taking the track to the forest that we were heading to that day for filming, there was powder on the piste). This feeling was total euphoria. The board gains so much speed and floats along the surface. There is only one way to describe the way it rides. . . .  It’s surfing. The board handles like a surfboard as well, especially when you head to the side of the piste and ride up a bank and turn sharply just like riding a wave. I was beaming from ear to ear with the geekiest looking smile. I knew then I had basically found my new bestie.

When we arrived at the forest, it was one of those days like only dreams can make, a metre or so of fresh fall, still snowing, cold and crispy and the snow was light and dry. Ideal for big sweeping turns and meandering through the tree cover. That day was one of many I had in the last 2 months of the season, blissfully accompanied by the best board I have even ridden.

Did anyone else drool a little, it’s okay if you did, I did. The craftsmanship, love, care and attention that went into this board is noticeable in all conditions. The

The craftsmanship, love, care and attention that went into this board is noticeable in all conditions. The pow channel gives you lift control and the tail helps with glide but when it comes to more hard pack conditions or on the piste, no corners have been cut. The edges dig sharply into the piste, delivering a smooth turn and the nose allows for incredible directional riding. Honestly, guys, a real dream! Get your little mittens on it before the rest of the world discover it.

For more info, get in touch with me and I can send images or answer any of your questions!  DM me on IG @angelicasykesuk


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