About Me

Hey, my name is Angelica, my English friends call me Jellie and my Swedish friends call me Angie, I’m 24 and I come from the UK and the best city ever, Leeds.

There is one thing that I will be eternally grateful for, as it has made me into the person and consequently the snowboarder I am today-my family. I hated growing up, I hated school and everything about it, what is strange is I loved to study and I enjoyed work but, how can i put this, I was very unpopular. I was bullied badly through primary and high school and into college, however i wouldn’t change the “experience” as it is what pushed me to escape to the Alps. Due to my mother being Italian and my upbringing being very VERY Italian, every holiday we headed for Italy, i grew up skiing from a young age in Courmayeur, La Thuile and Champoluc.

On my first season I was working with a British travel company which is an English tour company in Pila; on my first day off I thought I would have a pop at snowboarding, safe to say I have not yet looked back.The last few years have been crazy, I worked with the same company every winter up until this year and I am very happy to have been associated with them as they provided me with the chance to relocate to Italy in the first place. I struggled to compete as much as I wanted while under their employ as I would work 12 hour days. That’s why 2 years, I made the decision that if I wanted to make my life and free-rider happen, I would need to throw all my money/time/passion and love into training, travelling and competing.

Prior summer 2014 and a lot of research, I didn’t know that the free-ride competitive scene was so open and accessible; that’s why I tried to compete in slope-style by way of getting used to the competitive atmosphere and attempting to make a name for myself. However, probably not the best time to admit, in relation to a lot of female riders out there, I am not great in the park. For some reason I cant find my “lady balls”. However in freeride, whether I’m under the pressure of the competition or just shredding the pow with the guys- its a sense of euphoria and freedom which is hard, near impossible to put into words. I will continue to live this life style for as long as it takes to make it to a position where I am happy with my ability.

My dream is to make it to the Freeride world Tour and to continue to travel to amazing terrain to see what the world has to offer; my aim is to one day head to Alaska on a heli trip for a few months, I feel Alaska is where I would find myself and my true snowboarding “spirit”. I believe in human potential and I hope that means I can continue to improve regardless of how other people view my ability or past performance and endeavor to grow in my skill. As long as i am riding with cool people and their is snow on the ground, I’m happy. I have learnt an awful lot the last few winters, I know my competition results are not the best by a European standard but according to the FWQ website I representing for the UK!- I realise what is necessary next year for me to rank top 10 or even top 5, I need to compete in more 3* and 4* competitions and really study the “perfect line” as this is what has given me success in the past; so this is the plan, also to ensure I make it to the British Championships and I shall also participate in the Nordic Championships. I am home for the summer to improve my fitness level to ensure I am ready to show the Freeride scene what I can really do next year.

Peace and Love




2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, I am a young person also looking to build a life around snowboarding. I see that you are sponsored, how did you end up getting a sponsorship? And now that you have one do you see anyway that it can help you advance in your journey into the snow community?


    1. Hey there,

      There are 2 routes to market as the saying goes. You can compete in various competitions and hope to get scouted or you can make yourself a sponsorship Bio, this contains; pictures, video edits and a personal statement along with your competition results. My only advice would be get some competition results under your belt first before you start emailing around,any company worth their salt wants to see results and projects eg, film making projects etc. For Open slope style or freeride competitions contact your local lift pass office, or tourism board, they will know what’s happening in the area. However knowing what I know, getting sponsored isn’t the be all and end all, its about the thrill of the ride and the pure stoke of snow sports, when you have found your rhythm people will naturally start to take notice.

      Good Luck.


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