“One Of Us”.

Words from “One Of Us -All Girls Freeride Project” article for the Ski Club GB.

This project has been on going for nearly a year now. Last year when I decided I wanted to make a freeride movie about females and all the empowering concepts of backcountry riding, it was such a long time coming to get started. Sadly last year, I know I keep saying it, but my god the weather was terrible at the start of season, so sadly I got nothing done. Literally I mean about 4 pictures. This season I wanted to put all my energy and resources into making this project happen. (I worked like a dog this summer like many seasonnaires do, summers are for dreaming and working for the ski season!) My aim in freeriding is to inspire young girls to get involved with the sport. To capture their imagination and realise that there is a sense of freedom and deep happiness to be found where the piste barrier ends and the last semblance of “Wild”  begins.

Cervinia Edit (7 of 12)

So, I was over the moon when I found Alex Wilson from @Spendalifetime was able to help me with this project. In fact, he isn’t just helping, he has already proved to be an integral part of the project. Alex has so many ideas and has been really committed. Other than coming up with the name of the film, which was me, I am just the creative type fumbling round and Alex is the guy who is making all the ideas come together. Check out Alex on his surf project this summer here. This last project of his was the official music video of an amazing band called “Hanging Valleys” and we are so very lucky to have their incredibly chilled and earthy sounds to accompany this project. I have to pinch myself when I remember how many talented people will be helping me out!


while Alex and I were up at Plateau Rosa after filming on the Glacier and around Breithorn, I looked down at my super fancy pancy mittens. I mean, I don’t know why everyone doesn’t have cats on their mittens, anywho, the caption on the gloves reads “You’re one of us now” and it seemed so perfect. I want girls to feel like they can be “One of Us” or feel already part of the female freeride community. Whether you are just starting out and playing between the trees or you are killing bigger runs than I can dream to do, the point is that we are together on this one!

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Sadly the weather wasn’t epic, no big powder turns and snow to the face shots but we did get plenty of other shots. Mostly giggles with my new favourite freeride pal Annika. I met Annika at the start of season and I am so glad I did. Many of the best people you meet in the freeride community, you kind of stumble on one another and realise your souls are connected in some way – you know that you make a good team and you can trust one another! She is a total babe and I am so excited to have her involved in the project


❤️❤️ Overview ❤️❤️

This film will show the disciplines of freeride snowboarding and skiing in all it’s girly glory. This aim is to prove how accessible this wonderful this sport has become and how it’s developing so fast, particularly when it comes to women and what we are truly capable of. We have spent many a night discussing why we do this; why we have aching muscles, suffer injuries, spend so much money and

put our mental stability to the test, all in the name of the best descent. Freeriding unlike slopestyle, racing or other popular alpine disciplines, encompasses so much more than the run from the start gate to the finishing line. Freeride is about fitness, travel, training, new experiences, mistakes, girl power, development and then that all important ride.

I want to show the world a few things in particular, firstly to tell people who I am, a girl from flat land country who has found a life and passion in the mountains, I want to show the world what girls in this world can actually do and finally for mainly one of my favorite ski areas. Bringing this all together with some very cheesy europop in the back ground, some very glamourous outfits and impressive scenery should make a fun and unique edit. Based in Breuil-Cervinia and move around and the Valle D’Aosta to some of our favorite spots to showcase our goofy girlyness and the amazing mountains of the North West Alps. The edit will have a chapter structure, it will detail our training, season prep and build up, all the way to scouting the best lines. Trying to push my ability and looking forward to mastering some key rotations and grabs to bring to the Freeride World Qualifier Circuit. I am hoping that due to my dedicated social media following and many collaborations that I can have a large reach of potential interest in the production and advertisement of this edit. If I can inspire not only girls with a passion for snow sports but also to bring girls that enjoy sports or never thought about snow sports, into our community.

If you want to get involved, email me to angelica.sykes@hotmail.co.uk

Peace and Love