Freeride World Tour Calendar Announced! A celebration of 2 fallen athletes.

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The calendar is out, it has been unveiled and now the athletes can big their rigorous training regime to ensure they can pip the others to the post and WIN the champions freeride comp.

This year, more so than ever, the FWT team should use every comp stop as a chance to celebrate the lives of the 2 incredible riders that we lost this year, Estelle Balet and Matilda Rapaport. The Freeride World Tour and the Freeride World Qualifiers- that I am a part of are, in their essence, an insanely awesome competition series to be a part of. There is, generally speaking, a lot of LOVE, FRIENDSHIP and GENUINE SUPPORT AND HAPPINESS FOR THE SUCCESS OF OTHER PARTICIPANTS. That is another reason why the freeride world is separate to that of the freestyle. The vibes are great and seen as we a small but buzzing industry, we are about the celebration of this progressive and demanding sport which is FREEride. Estelle and Matilda would want everyone in the FWT and FWQ to continue, with a sense of mindfulness and a new understanding for the elements. These ladies were pioneers and continued to push females in the sport, even to their last days. That is why, this year, let us rejoice that we ever had the honor, the pleasure and the experience of having met or ridden with this incredible women.

So the set up is as followers:






Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get the updates when they come in! Then when the dates come along, as I can assure you they will quickly, the summer is already escaping us which is crazzaaayyyyy! before we know it, we will be tuning in to watch the FWT athletes show the world why they are some of the most ore inspiring athletes in the world.



Getting Itchy Feet to compete or not to compete

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Looking back on last year, I was one busy little bee, although I am this year also, its in a totally different way. I’m loving the direction in which my career is going and I couldn’t be happier with all the love, support and opportunities coming my way but I forgot for a moment how it all started. It was the Freeride World Tour and the Qualifier Series. I stopped to wonder why I was competing and last year why I invested so much time and money travelling Europe to show what I could do. I thought was it worth it, all the days training, the days travelling and all the hate and sadness I felt at myself when I didn’t perform to the standard I deemed good enough. I was never quite good enough in my own eyes. I spent days literally sitting in bed crying and thinking-What am I doing, I am not a good enough snowboarder; I’m not as good as that other girl, everyone compares me to her, she should be competing not me-. I put myself though it all because I wanted sponsors, I wanted to work with the companies I had idolised as being such incredible brands, I wanted to be a part of that world. This summer, after a winter of feeling down about my ability as a snowboard and a massive amount of money out of pocket I got my wish.

I can now proudly say I work with and collaborate with so many amazing brands and companies who have been so wonderful and supportive. However although I’m sure it doesn’t hurt, not one of the sponsors has explicitly said they wish for me to compete. For a brand to move forward in 2016 its all about online presence, social media and potential reach. So for the season thus far, that has been my focus.  I’m investing time and energy into my other projects, Filming particularly and planning for the All Girls Freeride Edit and ensuring I stay up to date with my online profile by posting pictures of my adventures.

But now, I have itchy feet. I am longing for that feeling of pure adrenaline and sense of community I used to get from competing. There is literally nothing like that notion of fear and excitement when the organisers yell- 3, 2, 1 DROPIN- and I want that again.I said after Verbier Freeride Week that at the next comp, I would #gobigorgohome, well, after 2 months of pondering I’m ready to put that into practice. I need to dedicate myself to training for the next 2 or 3 weeks and head to the St Foy and Cortina stops on the Freeride Qualifer series with fresh eyes and new energy.


Verbier Freeride Week- FWQ 2* with Angelica Sykes

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Source: Verbier Freeride Week- FWQ 2* with Angelica Sykes

Fatmap Edit is Out! My Blog is Popular?

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Hey Team,


So I few things, it kinda all seems to be kicking off a little bit lately, without sounding too “Leeds”, I don’ know whether I’m coming or going.

3 Wonderful things I have to report on: 1, Verbier Freeride week- done and dusted, I want to say #nailedit but I did’nt quite, I shall write a small review tomorrow so hang tight for that. 2, My blog has been ranked top 5 snowsports blogs in the UK, what’s that about man, is anyone actually reading this, actually reading this, I cant quite believe it as it leads me to believe either you guys are a sucker for an abomination of a contribution to the written word or I am okay at writing my thoughts. Its in the running at the moment to be Numero uno! Follow this link and head for the “Snow-Sports” tag and click on me!

Pretty please with a cherry on top?


3, The Fatmap edit I told you guys about, its finally out! I am over the moon. I don’t want to get all soppy and wishy washy on you, but I did blush and get VERY girly and giggerly indeed. Its awesome. The production, the setting and the advertisement of the app is incredible.However most personally to me I don’t look aweful, I am super stoked so you simply must check it out and get that app downloaded! It genuinely is the bets app I have ever seen, apart from the word press app of course! And Instagram maybe! If you are a seasonnaire or if you are heading on your jollies this winter, this is the one and only mountain companion you need, showing you routes, helping you track your friends and giving you all the info you could need to maximise your time on the mountain.

In the mean time, Im off to Pila for a few days to work, yes sometimes I work right, I will try my very best not to break a nail or pull a muscle as I’m a princess dont-cha-know, well at least thats what my male roomies and my daddy tell me. . . . . they may have been lying to me.

Cutting the Excess

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So Verbier Freeride week have been postponed due to the snow, that is the only reason that I’m actually so happy to accept. Again, I have to say what a blessing it is that we have seen the snow for the first time this winter, winter is truly here. On that note and seen as we have begun the New Year, there is that inevitable self reflection that is necessary. It’s good for the soul and especially good for someone like me who strives to improve and be a better person at every opportunity.

This is why, as of late I have been having some thoughts about cutting out the excess, streamlining my life as it were, to make my life how I want it. I have these visions and dreams that I will be treated exactly how I treat others, they will pay me with the generosity, love and warmth that I pay them, however the literal reality is that, this is hardly ever the case. Luckily, over the years and this season too, I have collected a group of true and pure individuals who I know, genuinely want to see me prosper. In a sport like freeride, when so much emphasis goes on trust and stability in a relationship on the mountain, you learn what values are important off the mountain. Just how I would be patient and calm to take in all variants in the backcountry with my buddies; in regular life I hope for the same. I am understanding now, that I am not the problem, I am a good person and I know my nature is intrinsically fair and just; so now, to save my soul, to focus on my career and my riding, I need to refine my life and like I say, cut the excess.

I see this blog as a way of writing down my feelings and thoughts, I can rationalise something by writing it down, I know people have been interested by other posts I put up, particularly “The F Word”, I hope like that post, people can see what is important to me. If you know me and you are reading this, I hope you understand, if you are a fan or someone who follows my work, I hope you find this enlightening.

Do with it what you will, right now I plan to shred a little with my buddies and get my head in the right space, this season and in Verbier Freeride Week in particular, if I come first or last, I plan to charge it anyhow. . . . Or maybe flounce around in a move I like to call “The Dead Fish” Tm, copyright me. I believe they judges give point for that?

Filming, Fatmap, Vaude and Mojo Clothing

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Hey Everyone,

I thought it would be a great time to give you all a little update on the All girls Freeride Project and my filming and collaborative work with Fatmap and other sponsors.

I am a little late with this update but better late than never right, plus its not like you readers hang on every word I say and are very disappointed indeed with the fact its a 2 weeks after the filming and now I’m telling you about it. Any who, before the beautiful and lovely Tijn jetted off back to Amsterdam for work, we drove over to Verbier to try and gather some footage for our film. We heard on the grape vine that the snow was epic and we had a small window before a.) The temperature rose and killed the pow and B.) All the lines became cut up. So off we went, and my gosh am I glad we did. Not only did we get some excellent footage for the snow covered mountains but also we had for one day, knee deep powder. I cant even begin to tell you how grateful I am for that, that one day was enough to keep me going until the real snow arrives; which is now due to arrive on New Years day which I think is rather poetic. After that first freeski day we hooked up with the hero’s from Fatmap to take part in the filming for their promo Edit. I don’t want to give anything away but this short film will showcase to the world how awesome the app is and how it works, all the features and why its the only Mountain App you need. Team GB Sam Allen, Tijn and I showed the Verbier mountain who was boss that day! The edit will drop soon so hang on to your hats and helmets!

On the sponsor front I could not be happier, I am truly blessed at the moment by the opportunity to work with some amazing companies, of which I was the up most respect and excitement for. First up we have Vaude, hailing from Germany and recently named Germany’s most Eco friendly company they have been designing and creating bespoke products for over 40 years. They take pride in their products, boasting an ethic that puts nature and sustainability and the forefront of their company. If you are like me and love the outdoors and the preservation and growth of our environment then Vaude is the brand for you- oh and the clothes are super cool, FACT!

Then we have the most recent colab with MOJO clothing. Joe has been bossing it on the apparel front for a while now, if you check him and MOJO on Instagram you can see, their clothes are so well deigned they are not just for the mountain. I like my clothes bright and bold and MOJO is perfect for helping both you and I show the mountain our colourful personalities. For that I am stoked to be moving forward with this innovative brand!

So on that note, thanks everyone so far for all your support, you guys rock my world. Have a blooming smashing Christmas and keep the stoke. Winter is coming I just know it!


Vaude Instagram:


MOJO Instagram:




Hey Everyone and happy Friday,

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to finally lay the rumours to rest and let the world know our plans.

I am so happy to tell everyone about our Movie making escapades. My beautiful and talented friend Tijn Vuijk and I will produce a freeride edit. The most important aspect is that it is ALL GIRLS and unlike the likes of the soon to drop Jamie Anderson full moon project, which I know will rock our worlds I’m sure; this edit is approachable, its about girls that you know, friends and ladies of the world who have desire, passion and strength to do exactly want they want to do. Tijn and I have ideas for how we want this to look; we want to be bright, colourful and girly- great outfits and europop. We want girls both in the snow sports world and out of it,to see the edit and and feel inspired about how fun and accessible freeride can be. This is a discipline that I survive on, I eat, sleep and dream of the best decent, this edit will show how to spot and plan the best lines, how to train and much more.  We have been over whelmed with the positive response so far with the Valle D’Aosta Tourist board and the Lift pass office, it seems this edit may just become the new official promo material for the valley, showcasing its culture, natural beauty and Freeride Potential as well as how clumsy and silly us girls are. Tijn and I have been super busy already trying to make the most of our time together, the snow is falling as we speak will beautiful, glorious flakes that will bless us with some amazing options for next week.

We will be posting regularly on Instagram, Facebook, twitter and on Youtube and Vimeo, so check out our progress and let us know what you think. We always want to hear peoples thoughts so don’t be afraid to share.

Visit for more info on my lovely Dutch gals travels.Schermafbeelding 2015-11-19 om 17.33.14.png





FWT Bio:






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#Project360 trails and Tribulations

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That’s literally all I have to say today. You know when you get so mad at yourself its amusing, well that’s where I am at with my life. I know I should pretend that its totally fine, all part of the training schedule but no, I am so mad at myself. Especially as my beautiful, wonderful and nauseating riding buddy Tijn landed it obviously. I also did that classically girly thing where I was said “oh well done, I’m so proud of you”, of course I am, deeply but then I had a little tantrum in the chair lift. When I say tantrum I mean I threw my gloves on the floor and my goggles got all foggy in the process. However I am totally over it now, its been a few hours and clearly I work fast, I AM SO OVER IT!

Seriously though, I will nail this. I know many people ride for the love and for the passion and while I also feel that way, I ride to train as its my life and everything is to better me towards my goal. Tomorrow I will head up again and it will happen! I will do the 360 and it will be so gosh darn pretty it will make people applaud me on the run down to the chair lift.

I hope.

PS. I have not attached a picture of my failed attempts as you guys simply do not need to see that!

The F word

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Hey Everyone,

This is going to be a super cheesy blog entry, one that will make you feel as uncomfortable as me no doubt. However going forward into my career I wanted to make my feelings very clear, nor do I hope anyone mentions it to me again, as I have little to no desire to hear peoples opinions, on the other hand, I hope silently this may be just the thing someone needs to hear.

I will keep it breif then we can talk about all the other amazing stuff going on. The F word I am referring too is FAT. Sadly I’m sure many other “athletes” hear this word when it comes to training however its this term athlete which is making me feel so self concious. I am an athlete. I work out a lot, I am training often as my life revolves around it. I am strong and I am fit, however I do not and will never fit into a mould of the classic Olympian. I know it may seem like I am trying to justify myself here but I am not, I am simply saying “pipe down” to anyone who feels the need to school me on A. How to be a better snowboarder, B. Who feels my ass to tit to waist ratio isn’t satisfactory or C. I need to be a better person in general (as aren’t fat people supposed to be super bubbly? I may not be quite bubbly enough). My “weight” is no longer  a problem for me, subjectively to ME. I was bullied for 10 years, painfully so to the point that now, aged 23 I am only just feeling comfortable in my skin. The point of the matter is, thanks to my Italian ancestry I have a very, shall we say, womanly figure. However Boys, I challenge you to measure your arm muscles against mine, my legs which are strong and powerful will carry me across this world without an ache or pain. So the point is, it serves you more than it does me, for you to say I may not be fat in the regular world but I’m certainly too fat to be an athlete, well you can -insert other “f” word-off. All girls should feel empowered to be doing anything that is out of the norm, fat, thin, tall short or whether you have a third nipple or 12 fingers and the people around them should send positive vibes and nothing else.  If you want to spend the day training with me and still tell me I’m no athlete then I’m in Breuil-Cervinia snowboarding, or if you think I have a pretty face but its a shame about the body, I invite you to watch me twerk up a storm in the club with my gorgeous back side or you just can leave me alone as anyone who doesn’t see the inside beauty then we wouldn’t get along anyhow.

Winter Prep- FATMAPS, Caxton FX and New Plans and Sponsors.

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Hey everyone,

I will begin by saying it appears as if I am a rather terrible “blogger”, I mean I have started wearing glasses (as sadly I am going just a little blind) but I don’t wear an over sized scarf, carry my phone in my hand 24/7 with my handbag gently resting on my mid arm, nor do wait for gaps in conversation to talk about how enlightening writing a blog is and how its helped me get in touch with the “real me”. However at least I need to remember; TO GET PEOPLE TO READ THE BLOG, I SHOULD PROBABLY WRITE SOMETHING EVERY NOW AND AGAIN! For those of you who do read my blog, firstly thanks once again, also I am sorry for neglecting WordPress for the last month. My s*** has just got crazy. everything has taken off in a wonderful direction and I am awfully grateful.

I take off to Italy in just 6 days so obviously I am so stoked and just trying to get my life together so I am ready to pick up and relocate again for the next 6 months. In the mean time I have many loose ends to tie up.

I have started working with an amazing new company and I am over the moon to be affiliated with them. FATMAPS, well I should probably let them explain-

“To get the most out of the outdoors, we need to be able to answer the unique and personal questions we all have every time we start an adventure. How steep is that hill? What’s over that ridge? Will that area be in the sun for a spot of lunch? The amount of information we have about an area and how understand the terrain we travel in are both fundamental to the necessary experiences we all want, need and have in the outdoors.

At FATMAP, we’ve built the world’s most detailed 3D outdoor mobile maps. By creating 3D models of mountainous areas, we’re profoundly changing the way we understand the terrain by offering new ways of extracting the terrain information we seek. These models then become the perfect vehicle for delivering area, expert and sport-specific data with every piece of information being geo-referenced, context-specific and created & updated by a community of experts.”

The wonderful team over at FatMaps have enlisted me with the task of putting together the info on pistes around Champoluc, as well as some of my favourite freeride routes around. You could soon be downloading the app to try your own hand at my signature freeride routes.  You can download the app for free and then choose your resort. More destinations coming soon I might add so watch this space. On the Thursday of the Ski and Snowboard show I will be hanging with them at the 3 Valleys Press Conference.

This year I will be heading to the British Ski and Snowboard Show. As a kid, I used to love going as a guest but now I get to be there as a pro, going along with the wonderful Caxton FX  bank. I will be on their stand in London; Friday and Saturday, getting to talk to all you lovely people about freeriding, why the Caxton Card rocks my world and also doing the Flip Card challenge. I am very excited to see what the future brings with Caxton, they are an awesome company to be affiliated with and who knows, maybe that could develop into something more. Come and visit us on the stand if you are around, it will be super fun!

This does mean I will be jetting off to Italy to have a few days shred on the glacier before I come back to merry old London town for a few fun days mincing around the Ski and Snowboard show like I’m some kind of Legit Pro, rubbing shoulders with Aimee Fuller, Jamie Nicholls and Jenny Jones. Well the British public don’t need to know I’m not quite in their league, so between you and me ssssshhhhhhhh Angelica Sykes is the next big thing in British Freeride champions.  😉 HA! #sorry #noactuallysorry