Ready For The Winter

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Right, that’s it, I’m done, I’m out. I want to send an automated response email out to life that reads simply, “Gone Snowboarding- Expect delayed response, but don’t get your hopes up, see ya PEACE.”


I am so tired. I thought I would be totally fine working without a day off for 7/8 Months but it’s officially hit me. It will all slow down in October as I finish helping my parents out at their business and I will just be working with the charity and a few other social media jobs which I will say I LOVE. I am not for one second suggesting I don’t want to be doing what I’m doing, I am so lucky so work with some amazing brands helping with them get their message out to the world and I am so stoked to keep working with them until the cows come home.


I am hearing that call of the mountains. It’s literally all I hear day in day out. The other day- This is the most bitch ass story every- I saw a really cool photo of the Matterhorn and I CRIED LIKE A LITTLE BABY! Not one sorry trickle down my check while listening to cold play “Fix You”, nah, it was full blown tears.


Being home has taught me so much about myself, I have not spent this much time in the UK since I was 17 and that was 7 years ago. I am driving my parents mad but I have loved being with them, they are legit awesome people. I am also so grateful for finding the jobs I did, I didn’t have to work in a dead end job I hate for the summer, I have done something I love but I am ready for my next adventure.


That’s all really, all I wanted to say. The countdown is on, this weekend in Germany with my gal Kate Brady, then to Malawi with @LoveSupportUnite and then chilling at the ski and snowboard show with my pals at @snookswear and @fatmap.


Will be snap chatting the heck out of the beautiful cities on Bonn and Cologne this weekend and getting massively snap happy in Malawi so follow me on Instagram and Snapchat!


A walk into the UnKnown



#winterisback #allgirlsfreerideedit Back on the Filming

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Finally, it seems winter has returned to us and I couldn’t be happier. Every thing seems to be falling into place which means its time to get my focus back onto filming and making this all girls edit happen. The lovely Tijn is bringing her Dutch Freeriding butt back to me so we can have a few days getting as much done as we can. I am so looking forward to a fun packed schedule, which I am just refining as we speak. The weather seems to be on our side for the most part, giving us 2 weather windows on Monday and Tuesday- giving us a chance to do some helidrops, ski all my favourite lines and do some very much deserved eating and drinking. With the help of the locals and some of my favourite spots in town and on the mountain, we should be able to get some much needed material, to showcase this incredible town. Tijn will be back in the end of March and then we can continue filming and perhaps expand our efforts to my other top spots of Courmayeur, Champoluc and Gressoney. Until then, check out our schedule and if you are around come and join us!

Sunday (Bad Vis Day, Snow and unstable conditions)

– Sun Rise Yoga session

-Early Morning Tour up to Cielo Alto  then descend to the Cielo Alto Lift

– Cielo Alto to shred the forrest

-Sunday Dinner up at Alpage

Monday (Blue Bird Day, Sun More stable Conditions)

-Heli Ski with the Heliski Cervinia Office guided by Nicola Himself!

-Apres Ski At Principe

Tuesday (Slightly Overcast More stable Conditions)

– Hike and Ski tour to the Bontadini Couloir

-The Plateau Rosa Old life pass station Line

-Lunch at Chalet Etoile

-The Cimme Bianchi line

-Theodlo Pass

-Dinner at Lo Copa Pan

Wednesday (Rest Day- Editing Day)

-Tijn Departs today so we will spend the morning ensuring we have all the material we needed and planning her next visit at the end of the month.


Another adventure and Another Day in Paradise

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Today was such a great day I simply had to share it with you guys. We have been waiting with baited breath for almost 3 months for the winter to truly arrive and it seems, finally, it has.

The snow is falling in big generous flakes that have covered the ground with a magical, ethereal white blanket and this meant but one thing- it was time to ride!

Sadly the wind was not on our side today and so we began the day in my apartment with the guys,  talking over options.  As Freeriders, this is a massive part of our day and should be for any back country lovers.  Your group should discuss options and ideas openly well before you hit the mountain. We discussed heading to Courmayeur as they too have enjoyed the arrival of the snow but instead we thought we would go on a touring adventure.
I don’t have a split board at the moment so instead the guys convinced me they would go easy on me and I would follow with snowshoes. We chose a route that lead us around the forest and finally landing us in the sub area of Cervinia named Cielo Alto.

As soon as we began it became clear that the conditions were simply ideal. Steady temperature and no wind in the trees meant for a more reliable snowpack- suggesting that our run down would be just dreamy. The guys didn’t quite go as easy on me as I hoped, I was running off testosterone and my competitive nature to ensure I kept up with them as best I could.  I had sweat dripping down my face luckily the big fat smile I had meant it dripped straight onto the floor and away from my eyes and mouth!  It was hard work in parts so much so I did let out some exhausted sighs but the views were simply wonderful and kept me focused.

The lifts slowly began to open and the wind did die down so we changed our plan to head to the mean area after we reached our goal height. When we got there, with the matterhorn in our sights we enjoyed a short but rad run down.  I did a cliff  drop with a little too much speed meaning I had a knee to the face. There was blood and it was not pretty but I’m told that is referred to as a nature hit which made me feel super cool!

The rest of the day was spent shedding the lines that the tourists hasn’t ruined, until my legs could no longer carry me. Now I’m sat writing to you grinning at the weather forecast. It seems things are certainly looking up.

Peace and love


Hey Everyone and happy Friday,

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to finally lay the rumours to rest and let the world know our plans.

I am so happy to tell everyone about our Movie making escapades. My beautiful and talented friend Tijn Vuijk and I will produce a freeride edit. The most important aspect is that it is ALL GIRLS and unlike the likes of the soon to drop Jamie Anderson full moon project, which I know will rock our worlds I’m sure; this edit is approachable, its about girls that you know, friends and ladies of the world who have desire, passion and strength to do exactly want they want to do. Tijn and I have ideas for how we want this to look; we want to be bright, colourful and girly- great outfits and europop. We want girls both in the snow sports world and out of it,to see the edit and and feel inspired about how fun and accessible freeride can be. This is a discipline that I survive on, I eat, sleep and dream of the best decent, this edit will show how to spot and plan the best lines, how to train and much more.  We have been over whelmed with the positive response so far with the Valle D’Aosta Tourist board and the Lift pass office, it seems this edit may just become the new official promo material for the valley, showcasing its culture, natural beauty and Freeride Potential as well as how clumsy and silly us girls are. Tijn and I have been super busy already trying to make the most of our time together, the snow is falling as we speak will beautiful, glorious flakes that will bless us with some amazing options for next week.

We will be posting regularly on Instagram, Facebook, twitter and on Youtube and Vimeo, so check out our progress and let us know what you think. We always want to hear peoples thoughts so don’t be afraid to share.

Visit for more info on my lovely Dutch gals travels.Schermafbeelding 2015-11-19 om 17.33.14.png





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Winter Prep- FATMAPS, Caxton FX and New Plans and Sponsors.

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Hey everyone,

I will begin by saying it appears as if I am a rather terrible “blogger”, I mean I have started wearing glasses (as sadly I am going just a little blind) but I don’t wear an over sized scarf, carry my phone in my hand 24/7 with my handbag gently resting on my mid arm, nor do wait for gaps in conversation to talk about how enlightening writing a blog is and how its helped me get in touch with the “real me”. However at least I need to remember; TO GET PEOPLE TO READ THE BLOG, I SHOULD PROBABLY WRITE SOMETHING EVERY NOW AND AGAIN! For those of you who do read my blog, firstly thanks once again, also I am sorry for neglecting WordPress for the last month. My s*** has just got crazy. everything has taken off in a wonderful direction and I am awfully grateful.

I take off to Italy in just 6 days so obviously I am so stoked and just trying to get my life together so I am ready to pick up and relocate again for the next 6 months. In the mean time I have many loose ends to tie up.

I have started working with an amazing new company and I am over the moon to be affiliated with them. FATMAPS, well I should probably let them explain-

“To get the most out of the outdoors, we need to be able to answer the unique and personal questions we all have every time we start an adventure. How steep is that hill? What’s over that ridge? Will that area be in the sun for a spot of lunch? The amount of information we have about an area and how understand the terrain we travel in are both fundamental to the necessary experiences we all want, need and have in the outdoors.

At FATMAP, we’ve built the world’s most detailed 3D outdoor mobile maps. By creating 3D models of mountainous areas, we’re profoundly changing the way we understand the terrain by offering new ways of extracting the terrain information we seek. These models then become the perfect vehicle for delivering area, expert and sport-specific data with every piece of information being geo-referenced, context-specific and created & updated by a community of experts.”

The wonderful team over at FatMaps have enlisted me with the task of putting together the info on pistes around Champoluc, as well as some of my favourite freeride routes around. You could soon be downloading the app to try your own hand at my signature freeride routes.  You can download the app for free and then choose your resort. More destinations coming soon I might add so watch this space. On the Thursday of the Ski and Snowboard show I will be hanging with them at the 3 Valleys Press Conference.

This year I will be heading to the British Ski and Snowboard Show. As a kid, I used to love going as a guest but now I get to be there as a pro, going along with the wonderful Caxton FX  bank. I will be on their stand in London; Friday and Saturday, getting to talk to all you lovely people about freeriding, why the Caxton Card rocks my world and also doing the Flip Card challenge. I am very excited to see what the future brings with Caxton, they are an awesome company to be affiliated with and who knows, maybe that could develop into something more. Come and visit us on the stand if you are around, it will be super fun!

This does mean I will be jetting off to Italy to have a few days shred on the glacier before I come back to merry old London town for a few fun days mincing around the Ski and Snowboard show like I’m some kind of Legit Pro, rubbing shoulders with Aimee Fuller, Jamie Nicholls and Jenny Jones. Well the British public don’t need to know I’m not quite in their league, so between you and me ssssshhhhhhhh Angelica Sykes is the next big thing in British Freeride champions.  😉 HA! #sorry #noactuallysorry

Friday Fun Day- Summer Training

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So, I trust everyone is having a wonderful week and enjoying the summer wherever you are. Just a quick update about what I’ve been up to this week. Tuesday was day off, and it was INCREDIBLE. I’m a bit of a theme park nut, so what better place to head than to GardaLand. It produced everything it promised, awesome rides, adrenaline and plenty of cold beer.

However I feel I earned a day of indulgence as I’ve been pretty dedicated to training so far, my roomie and I have been enjoying some intense late night runs. image image image image imageWhen it is coolers, but still pretty hot, we head to the lake front and enjoy the incredible sun sets over the lake while trying to keep the days food down and sweating perfusely. I do understand why so many people love to run, I may not enjoy it while its happening, (while is happening it’s torturous) but after you feel on top of the world. Between that and yoga I’ve been trying to work on my zen and surrounding myself with positivity and getting a good old sweat on with some cardio.

This afternoon, my friends and I went straight to the lake after work to enjoy an afternoons SUP. It was super fun, the weather was perfect, the water was calm and we had a great time. I didn’t feel like I do after run, like I need a good nap, but I surely felt happy to be back on a board and enjoying nature out on the water.

So that’s pretty much me updated, but I will be dropping info soon about sponsors, it’s literally all about to kick off man!

The Calm Before the Storm

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I don’t have an awful lot to say this time round, but I’ve just come back from a pretty hearty Yoga Session down by the lake and I wanted to share it with you. You see, I can feel the anxiety and stress of life build up on me so quickly, if I don’t have an outlet, which normally is physical activity, I begin to feel the strain of reality. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I do find reality, the normality of everyday, very scary indeed. When I have activity or training to focus on, I have I way to steady my thoughts on something I have control over; my own strength, my own potential and how far I can push myself.  image image

Any how, this evening after some incredible electrical thunder storms, I saw a gap in the weather and thought the newly cool temperature would be perfect for an evening Yoga and Meditation session. It doesn’t happen offen but man I was right, self five, it was the best idea ever. Sadly the more complex poses towards the latter part of my session were not caught on the GoPro as the sun went down and not even the moonlight shone bright enough. However while I focused and dedicated myself to my time on the Matt I felt a sense of a metorphorical and literal, “calm before the storm”. Not only is the lightening about to strike again but I must treasure these moments of quiet simplicity. The winter is rapidly approaching, and at a speed I can’t quite comprehend. Before I know it, it will be Ocotber and time to head back to Cervinia for some altitude training. I owe it to myself, my family and friends (who have been such a massive support), my now sponsors, and potential sponsors so work as hard as I can. Speaking of sponsors . . . . .  Things are certainly looking up. Stay tuned and I shall let you guys know the deets very soon.

Peace and love.

Keep myself centred and Learning the art of Meditation-Summer Training

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Hello Beautiful People,

I hope everyone is fairing well, here in Italy it’s proving to be a long hot summer but you’re surely not to hear any complaints from me. I just wanted to check in with you guys and ensure everyone is making the most of the summer, we can’t all count the minutes to winter; however it’s all gone a bit quiet in the twitter-sphere regarding pow shots and debates about whether the quad cork ruined snowboarding, (it didn’t but whatever).

In the mean time I’m trying to explore in more detail-

La Rocca

La Rocca

image image  a part of myself I thought was a myth, an unachievable reality if you will. I will begin by saying, a lot of my friends or colleagues along the years would argue they know me well, I just have one issue with this-they say I am hot headed and classically Italian in that way. However, whether that be the reality or not, due to my sufferings with anxiety, I never provoke people, I never enter in confrontation and tend to steer away from negativity as I can get so easily poisoned by it.

What as been helping, is what I spoke about in my last entry, YOGA! It rocks man, not only that I am trying to meditate. Everyone gets that feeling where you think your head could simply explored with all the thoughts in your head, both positive and not so. I have found meditation has helped me rationalise the thoughts, decide which need to be deblt with immediately or which I can discard as being of no benefit to me. I tend to simply sit on my matt in the cross legged position with some candles and now distraction and allow my thoughts to drift into a nothing. I give thanks to everything I have around me and remind my self to be grateful. It seems to be working, I feel relaxed.

I have been doing some cardio intense work-outs as well as it must be a balancing act to ensure I’m in the correct physical condition for the winter as well as mental. I cycle daily and last week completed a casual 60km without too much hassle. Today I did my own little triathlon, I cycle to Garda, a hike to La Rocca then a magical yoga session. I have attached some unimpressive snapshots. Don’t Judge to harshly.

On that note. . . . .

Sleep well all, remember to follow me on twitter and like my Facebook page AND THEN if you are not too exhausted from all the clicking, head to my YouTube page.

Peace and love.

A Sence of Peace

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Hey There beautiful people of the internet and beyond,

I do apologise for the delay in adding another post, things have been pretty hectic lately. However you now have my undivided attention.

The last week has been rather great, things are coming together at a rate I couldn’t even imagine possible and it has put me into a mind set I haven’t been in for a long time. For me as someone who lives their life as an emotional roller coaster and as a friend of mine recently reminded me I am unarguably a little crazy; calm, peace, serenity and tranquility, are words you do not associate.  The reasons for feeling this way are 3 fold: Part 1, I’m feel so at home when back in Italy, it’s such a massive part of my culture, my upbringing and my ancestry I feel at ease. I am back to nature, I’ve I have been one to like the indoors, I thrive on being outside, and here I have windsurfing, paddleboarding, MTB and climbing in my doorstep. Part 2, Career developments I guess you could call it. I have had some very exciting conversations indeed with some wonderful companies who want to support my progress and see what will happen this winter- I won’t say to much until of course they are comfortable with me doing so but you guys will be the first to know! Finally, Part 3, yoga- I can’t believe I’m just jumping on this band wagon now,  I thought everyone was being weird when they spoke about yoga as a concept, but I am so glad I am now learning to take the time for it. I feel so great, it’s not like any exercise or training I do normally but you feel an inner strength building. Before long you then feel your muscles grow and expand as your poses get stronger and your sequences get longer. I’m learning to centre myself and learn to live in the moment and enjoy all that is around me.

I encourage you to try it and you will see the inner and outer confidence grow.

One love to you all.

A little Edit- a 4 minute Long Selfie

Alaska, America, avalanche safety, backcountry, cervinia, chamonix, courmayeur, europe, fitness, France, freeride, freeride world tour, good vibes, gym, Italy, Jackson Hole, mountains, MTB, norway, offpiste, pila, positivity, powder, rehabilitation, Ski Mountaineering, skiing, skitouring, snowboard, strength, sweden, Switzerland, verbier, wellbeing, winter, workout, zermatt

Hey wonderful people, check out my latest video edit of GOPROHERO4 footage. It was a lot of fun this winter with plenty of amazing people, so I hope it is as fun to watch as it was to make, probs not but whatever, its a figure or speech man, get off my back! Seriously though, everyone who was in this edit made the season just incredible and I’m so stoked for next winter!

Featuring: Markus Lindmark, Jessica Lind, Jackie Green, Hayley Thompson, Fiona Reid, Simon Watker, Erik Brundin and many others.

Music: Goldroom- Embrace