Barcelona- Exploring, Discovering and Meandering

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Barcelona what can I say, you were sweet, warm, welcoming and over all a pleasure from start to finish. One must be quick on their feet, armed and ready for a 48 hour stay in one of Europe’s most loved cities as only a certain about of aimless strolling is allowed! But, with food and drink, history and exploration in mind, Kate and I set ourselves the heft task of doing as much as we could in this incredible city in just 2 days.

Now, this is the time to say that I did little to no research prior to departure, this is generally rather out of character for me as I am normally organised and keeping a watchful eye on my check list, well in advance of departure however this time round, what with work and general down season life pressure; I was totally unprepared. I am so glad Kate was my travel buddy on this trip as she was fantastic, she has browsed articles, looked online and had some super ideas for how we would soak up all of Barcelona’s amazing culture.


Now don’t get too excited, this blog is no Conde Nast article, or a piece from Sunday Times Travel, no, this is a quick fire summary and overall recommendation of this truly captivating city!



AIR B&B is life! Kate found us the most perfect apartment. The owner, Luis was sweet, helpful and really welcoming. He greeted us eagerly and ensured we had everything we needed, not to mention giving us plenty of insider info. Luis managed to purchase a few apartments in the building during the financial crash in spain, we kept them and did them p and now he regularly rents out numerous rooms and has the whole thing down to a T. Check him out on Air B&B right here by clicking this link! Make sure you tell him Kate and Angelica sent you!



Strangely, (well perhaps not for 2 millennials) but the meal that stood out the most to us was Brunch. Now I cannot speak highly enough our the brunch spot, Brunch&Cake have a few spots around the city, each as delicious as the next, some cute street corners to beach front locations, we actually ate here on the Saturday and the Sunday. The service was totally impeccable and the options for carnivores and herbivores alike was amazing. As vegans, kate and I devoured the Match pancakes with Pistachio cream and “life changing” Granola. Simply Instagram heaven! Tapas wise, we actually found the spots around our Air B&B around Placa Catalunya. Cute little local spots, serving the most amazing tapas to match your cool dry Cava or glass of Sangria! What could be better, totally dreamy!



The Catalan culture is really special, a fiercely independent region, they are proud of their heritage and diversification from mainland spain. The language is a closer derivative of French and Italian than Spanish and man do they speak fast! The history is totally captivating so be sure to take every opportunity to learn something about the area, particularly a walking tour of the city’s hidden secrets. . .

There is something terribly curious and totally ore inspiring around every corner in Barcelona. From the architecture to the atmosphere it’s the epitome of cool! Okay let’s cover the most notable thing first- La Sagrada Familia- during high season you absolutely have to book. We went early evening and we still couldn’t get in. We saw the enormity of this world famous landmark from the outside but it doesn’t quite do it justice. Click here to head to the website to book in advance of your trip. One site that Kate was over the moon to visit was the Park Guell. I was so glad she recommended we visit as it was really something. Again, you should absolutely book but it was worth the 8€ per person. Click here to book. This Gaudi masterpiece offers unprecedented views over the city along with a really tranquil setting, despite the hoards of people, even at 8pm at night!  Lastly, the best way to see plenty of the city FAST is to take a walking tour. Come armed with comfy shoes and child like enthusiasm to learn and you will be set. We did the same walking tour in Berlin with NEW EUROPE and the guides are just amazing. Super informative and this particular guide was a total hero. Be sure to get on the tour with Leon when you visit Barcelona. They have so many amazing options to suit every traveler from the hidden secrets tour to the tapas tour!

Night Life

A photo by Jez Timms.

The night life was super cool, as you can imagine, there is a really great mix between the hipster and the effortlessly stylish. Friday consisted of Cava, tapas and massive catch ups but Saturday we were ready to hit the town. We firstly headed down to the beach to Blue Beach Bar on Carrer De Guitert for some Sangria. You can take the absolutely lovely walk along to Playa Olimpic, which is about 15 mins long. It takes you so plenty of clubs including the big names like Pacha and lots of beach front bars. I HATE CLUBS so we walked straight past to set up camp in a few of the more chilled out bars to drink Cava and put the world to rights!



The best beach was around Carrer De Guitert, there are plenty of bars to stay refreshed and they made the ideal spot to grab lunch. Plus it was only a very short walk from Brunch&Cake, you can walk your little food baby all the way to the sand. Kate and I were in need of some chilled out time so we opted to sun ourselves for a few hours on Sunday afternoon after a long meader from the Air B&B to the brunch spot. The sea is a little dirty sadly due to the little so be sure you don’t continue to this, make sure you take all your rubbish with you. It was high season and therefore VERY hot, also be sure to stay hydrated.

So that’s it. That was my whistle stop tour of Barca. Short but sweet. I highly recommend this city and if you are lucky enough to stay for longer, head to the tourism website to discover the many things kate and I didn’t get a chance to see. Be sure to tag me in your images and let me know how you got on! I would love to hear!

Until next time. . .