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“The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind & the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.” ~ B.K.S. Iyengar

Yoga has transformed my life. Since I began my practice just shy of 3 years ago, it seems so many nuances, areas of pain and anxiety and feelings of insecurity I had have slowly begun to disperse. Yoga and all it’s awesome power have helped me deal the life long issues I have with anxiety, through the power of breathing and taking time for me, I am able to remedy my “flare-ups”. Not to mention how fantastic is it for snowsports. Ironing out aches and pains and helping you connect to every muscle.

Don’t get me wrong, Yoga isn’t a cure for everything and certainly not a one size fits all concept, yoga and the understanding thereof opens your mind to possibility and the opportunity to find the right type of practice. Whether you are trying to tone up, build strength, work through problems of just take time for some self-love.

Therefore in the process of finding a yogic mentor, a relationship that is super important to the development of your practice. I have 4 yogi’s that I look too for inspiration, guidance, and spiritual nourishment. I wanted to share the love and the knowledge and hope that they can also help you find your inner peace. I will try and keep the wishy washy language to a minimum and not get to melancholy!


  1. Where is all began for me was with a humble YouTube channel that has grown to incredible heights and I can’t help but feel proud.


Name-  Adriene Mishler

Channel- “Yoga With Adriene”

Things to note – Best for beginners to intermediates, people finding their yogi rhythm.

What to expect– Adriene had me captivated from the first time I sat down and did a 15 minute intro video with her catchphrase, “find what feels good”. It could not be more perfect. Adriene makes the videos easy to follow, simple and fun as she moves through the poses, encouraging you to learn as you go and find what feels good and works for you, she had compiled 30 day blocks, a series of sorts, which is perfect to create some structure. Fantastic for an intro the the breathing techniques too!


2.)  As I grow in skill and confidence, I always look forward to time on the mat with this teacher, helping me expand my horizons.


Name- Erin Sampson

Channel- “Five Parks Yoga”

Things to note- Best for intermediates to advanced yogis. She moves quickly through the poses and the practices tend to be longer and a little more intense.

What to expect- Erin is a wonderful teacher and if you open your heart and your mind, she can be a great guide while you find your Om shall we say. My sister introduced me to both Adriene and Erin and as my sister developed her practice so did I. We did a session together not so long ago and I practiced for the first time with “Five Parks Yoga” and it was amazing. The fast paced way Erin moved through the poses really keeps you on your toes, it keeps the entire practice very exciting- Your mind is entirely focused on the positions and therefore is a real escape from reality and the world around you. Highly recommended as a way to expand your practice, learn some new poses and explore. Her latest series is 10 minutes blasts which are perfect if you are busy!


Yogi Influencers

  1. My first class teacher, someone whose ideas, thought and methods have stuck with me and someone I am continually inspired by.


Name- Kelly Brooks

IG- @kellybrooksyoga

About- 18 months ago when I was lucky enough to take part in the Chalet Rosiere Full Moon Yoga Retreat, hosted by my friends Alex and Philip Volkers and I was introduced to Kelly as the instructor who would be guiding us through the week. I didn’t know then that I would continue to follow Kelly avidly on social media and still use so many of her incredible techniques in my solo practices. Kelly who is the founder of the successful “Klub Yoga”, she is no stranger to the London Yoga scene, where you will find her whizzing around the city teaching all over daily. If you get the chance to take her class, you will be mesmerized by her attention to detail, soft and nurturing demeanor. She absolutely sweats good vibes, can I say that? Well I am going with it! Be sure to take one of her Klub Yoga classes where she mixed the evocative sounds of Odesza and other deep house classics to her Vinyasa flow.

For More Info Click Here:

Kelly Brooks Yoga

Kelly Brooks Yoga

2.) Thanks to Sweaty Betty, I found her, a social media influencer, jewellery designer and all round source of inspo!


Name- Cat Meffan

IG- @catmeffan

About- I am blown away by Cat everytime I see her latest updates on IG. It’s so easy to loose yourself, your worth, your integrity and everything that makes you unique when it comes to social media. However, Cat unlike many influencers, has remained transparent and posts with authenticity, again, unlike many others who jumped on the yoga band wagon in the hopes of gaining followers, Cat started out as a yogi and refers back to our deeply it remains a part of her. Her youtube channel is fantastic and again, her videos and relaxing and totally mesmerizing. She is obviously in very good shape and instead of making women feel guilty or pressured, she serves as inspiration. Her blog “ImperfectMatter” is amazing, well written stories, articles and mixing everything from fitness, food nutrition and travel.

For More Info Click Here-


I hope you found this useful and that you too will start to follow this group of powerful and empowered ladies! Whenever you feel down, less awesome or just need a little pick me up, these ladies are my go to people. Through yoga, with love, you can lift your mood and learn to conquer the world. Okay, maybe not the world, but the day, and that my friends is incredible in itself.


Ready For The Winter

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Right, that’s it, I’m done, I’m out. I want to send an automated response email out to life that reads simply, “Gone Snowboarding- Expect delayed response, but don’t get your hopes up, see ya PEACE.”


I am so tired. I thought I would be totally fine working without a day off for 7/8 Months but it’s officially hit me. It will all slow down in October as I finish helping my parents out at their business and I will just be working with the charity and a few other social media jobs which I will say I LOVE. I am not for one second suggesting I don’t want to be doing what I’m doing, I am so lucky so work with some amazing brands helping with them get their message out to the world and I am so stoked to keep working with them until the cows come home.


I am hearing that call of the mountains. It’s literally all I hear day in day out. The other day- This is the most bitch ass story every- I saw a really cool photo of the Matterhorn and I CRIED LIKE A LITTLE BABY! Not one sorry trickle down my check while listening to cold play “Fix You”, nah, it was full blown tears.


Being home has taught me so much about myself, I have not spent this much time in the UK since I was 17 and that was 7 years ago. I am driving my parents mad but I have loved being with them, they are legit awesome people. I am also so grateful for finding the jobs I did, I didn’t have to work in a dead end job I hate for the summer, I have done something I love but I am ready for my next adventure.


That’s all really, all I wanted to say. The countdown is on, this weekend in Germany with my gal Kate Brady, then to Malawi with @LoveSupportUnite and then chilling at the ski and snowboard show with my pals at @snookswear and @fatmap.


Will be snap chatting the heck out of the beautiful cities on Bonn and Cologne this weekend and getting massively snap happy in Malawi so follow me on Instagram and Snapchat!


A walk into the UnKnown


Cutting the Excess

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So Verbier Freeride week have been postponed due to the snow, that is the only reason that I’m actually so happy to accept. Again, I have to say what a blessing it is that we have seen the snow for the first time this winter, winter is truly here. On that note and seen as we have begun the New Year, there is that inevitable self reflection that is necessary. It’s good for the soul and especially good for someone like me who strives to improve and be a better person at every opportunity.

This is why, as of late I have been having some thoughts about cutting out the excess, streamlining my life as it were, to make my life how I want it. I have these visions and dreams that I will be treated exactly how I treat others, they will pay me with the generosity, love and warmth that I pay them, however the literal reality is that, this is hardly ever the case. Luckily, over the years and this season too, I have collected a group of true and pure individuals who I know, genuinely want to see me prosper. In a sport like freeride, when so much emphasis goes on trust and stability in a relationship on the mountain, you learn what values are important off the mountain. Just how I would be patient and calm to take in all variants in the backcountry with my buddies; in regular life I hope for the same. I am understanding now, that I am not the problem, I am a good person and I know my nature is intrinsically fair and just; so now, to save my soul, to focus on my career and my riding, I need to refine my life and like I say, cut the excess.

I see this blog as a way of writing down my feelings and thoughts, I can rationalise something by writing it down, I know people have been interested by other posts I put up, particularly “The F Word”, I hope like that post, people can see what is important to me. If you know me and you are reading this, I hope you understand, if you are a fan or someone who follows my work, I hope you find this enlightening.

Do with it what you will, right now I plan to shred a little with my buddies and get my head in the right space, this season and in Verbier Freeride Week in particular, if I come first or last, I plan to charge it anyhow. . . . Or maybe flounce around in a move I like to call “The Dead Fish” Tm, copyright me. I believe they judges give point for that?

Friday Fun Day- Summer Training

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So, I trust everyone is having a wonderful week and enjoying the summer wherever you are. Just a quick update about what I’ve been up to this week. Tuesday was day off, and it was INCREDIBLE. I’m a bit of a theme park nut, so what better place to head than to GardaLand. It produced everything it promised, awesome rides, adrenaline and plenty of cold beer.

However I feel I earned a day of indulgence as I’ve been pretty dedicated to training so far, my roomie and I have been enjoying some intense late night runs. image image image image imageWhen it is coolers, but still pretty hot, we head to the lake front and enjoy the incredible sun sets over the lake while trying to keep the days food down and sweating perfusely. I do understand why so many people love to run, I may not enjoy it while its happening, (while is happening it’s torturous) but after you feel on top of the world. Between that and yoga I’ve been trying to work on my zen and surrounding myself with positivity and getting a good old sweat on with some cardio.

This afternoon, my friends and I went straight to the lake after work to enjoy an afternoons SUP. It was super fun, the weather was perfect, the water was calm and we had a great time. I didn’t feel like I do after run, like I need a good nap, but I surely felt happy to be back on a board and enjoying nature out on the water.

So that’s pretty much me updated, but I will be dropping info soon about sponsors, it’s literally all about to kick off man!

Keep myself centred and Learning the art of Meditation-Summer Training

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Hello Beautiful People,

I hope everyone is fairing well, here in Italy it’s proving to be a long hot summer but you’re surely not to hear any complaints from me. I just wanted to check in with you guys and ensure everyone is making the most of the summer, we can’t all count the minutes to winter; however it’s all gone a bit quiet in the twitter-sphere regarding pow shots and debates about whether the quad cork ruined snowboarding, (it didn’t but whatever).

In the mean time I’m trying to explore in more detail-

La Rocca

La Rocca

image image  a part of myself I thought was a myth, an unachievable reality if you will. I will begin by saying, a lot of my friends or colleagues along the years would argue they know me well, I just have one issue with this-they say I am hot headed and classically Italian in that way. However, whether that be the reality or not, due to my sufferings with anxiety, I never provoke people, I never enter in confrontation and tend to steer away from negativity as I can get so easily poisoned by it.

What as been helping, is what I spoke about in my last entry, YOGA! It rocks man, not only that I am trying to meditate. Everyone gets that feeling where you think your head could simply explored with all the thoughts in your head, both positive and not so. I have found meditation has helped me rationalise the thoughts, decide which need to be deblt with immediately or which I can discard as being of no benefit to me. I tend to simply sit on my matt in the cross legged position with some candles and now distraction and allow my thoughts to drift into a nothing. I give thanks to everything I have around me and remind my self to be grateful. It seems to be working, I feel relaxed.

I have been doing some cardio intense work-outs as well as it must be a balancing act to ensure I’m in the correct physical condition for the winter as well as mental. I cycle daily and last week completed a casual 60km without too much hassle. Today I did my own little triathlon, I cycle to Garda, a hike to La Rocca then a magical yoga session. I have attached some unimpressive snapshots. Don’t Judge to harshly.

On that note. . . . .

Sleep well all, remember to follow me on twitter and like my Facebook page AND THEN if you are not too exhausted from all the clicking, head to my YouTube page.

Peace and love.

A Sence of Peace

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Hey There beautiful people of the internet and beyond,

I do apologise for the delay in adding another post, things have been pretty hectic lately. However you now have my undivided attention.

The last week has been rather great, things are coming together at a rate I couldn’t even imagine possible and it has put me into a mind set I haven’t been in for a long time. For me as someone who lives their life as an emotional roller coaster and as a friend of mine recently reminded me I am unarguably a little crazy; calm, peace, serenity and tranquility, are words you do not associate.  The reasons for feeling this way are 3 fold: Part 1, I’m feel so at home when back in Italy, it’s such a massive part of my culture, my upbringing and my ancestry I feel at ease. I am back to nature, I’ve I have been one to like the indoors, I thrive on being outside, and here I have windsurfing, paddleboarding, MTB and climbing in my doorstep. Part 2, Career developments I guess you could call it. I have had some very exciting conversations indeed with some wonderful companies who want to support my progress and see what will happen this winter- I won’t say to much until of course they are comfortable with me doing so but you guys will be the first to know! Finally, Part 3, yoga- I can’t believe I’m just jumping on this band wagon now,  I thought everyone was being weird when they spoke about yoga as a concept, but I am so glad I am now learning to take the time for it. I feel so great, it’s not like any exercise or training I do normally but you feel an inner strength building. Before long you then feel your muscles grow and expand as your poses get stronger and your sequences get longer. I’m learning to centre myself and learn to live in the moment and enjoy all that is around me.

I encourage you to try it and you will see the inner and outer confidence grow.

One love to you all.

A little Edit- a 4 minute Long Selfie

Alaska, America, avalanche safety, backcountry, cervinia, chamonix, courmayeur, europe, fitness, France, freeride, freeride world tour, good vibes, gym, Italy, Jackson Hole, mountains, MTB, norway, offpiste, pila, positivity, powder, rehabilitation, Ski Mountaineering, skiing, skitouring, snowboard, strength, sweden, Switzerland, verbier, wellbeing, winter, workout, zermatt

Hey wonderful people, check out my latest video edit of GOPROHERO4 footage. It was a lot of fun this winter with plenty of amazing people, so I hope it is as fun to watch as it was to make, probs not but whatever, its a figure or speech man, get off my back! Seriously though, everyone who was in this edit made the season just incredible and I’m so stoked for next winter!

Featuring: Markus Lindmark, Jessica Lind, Jackie Green, Hayley Thompson, Fiona Reid, Simon Watker, Erik Brundin and many others.

Music: Goldroom- Embrace

The Next Stop On The Adventure

Alaska, America, avalanche safety, backcountry, Bardolino, cervinia, chamonix, courmayeur, Cross Trail Biking, europe, fitness, France, freeride, good vibes, gym, Italy, Jackson Hole, Lago Di Garda, lakegarda, mountains, MTB, Netflix, norway, offpiste, pila, positivity, powder, rehabilitation, Rive Del Garda, Ski Mountaineering, skiing, skitouring, snowboard, strength, SUP, sweden, Switzerland, verbier, Vindsurf, wellbeing, Windsurf, winter, workout, zermatt

Having an odd day, when you live your life like an emotional roller-coaster then most days turn out to have a modicum of highs and lows and today was no different. It is my 23rd birthday today and I know full well I have so much to be grateful for; for a big start I am young, fit and I have my health in totality but yet in a classic 1st world way I will of course find something to complain about.

I am coming to a sad conclusion about one aspect of my life, this one aspect you cant always talk about out loud; everyone will have an opinion on what should be done and how you should be, I feel that maybe this blog could be my only free pass to empty my heart of whatever I am feeling. My feelings control everything I do, especially when it comes to my snowboarding.

My friends who have stuck around for a few years will know exactly what I am talking about. This may sound ridiculous but in this particular part of my life I am realising I am just “too Italian”.  I want to be discrete so I will say just this; I know when you live a transient life style sometimes it can be very hard to form relationships, or indeed ones that last. I have always lived my life to extremes, in love, in sport, with friends, with food, I am 100% Italian passion. I wear my heart on my sleeve and have it broken more times than I have had Spaghetti Bolognese. For the rest of my life and for every adventure I come across I will treat every new individual or experience as if I have never been hurt or ever been sad. That’s right? Right?

Any how, back to the title of this blog post, it is relevent I promise I just needed a quick rant, however it has pushed me to feel my current circumstances are exactly right for me. I quit my job here in Leeds, for all you Leedionians out there, I salute you, this city is amazing but I am not cut out for the trend following, make-up wearing, “I want it now” city dwelling antics you guys are used to, I am ready for the next chapter. I have been back in touch with a dear friend of mine, who has offered me a place to return to lake Garda as a guide. Checking on guests, running excursions around the area and mostly hanging by the lake with my friends.

I do have other motivation for spending the last 3 months of the summer there, its another 1st world problem. . . I am a sad sad poor little unfunded athlete. I am unashamedly “touting” as my father would say, for more sponsors going forward to next winter. I checked once more on the Freeride World Tour rankings and I am Number 1 UK entrant in the Qualifier series, and I am so over the moon that I have achieved that ranking but my gosh did it cost a pretty penny. I travelled all over to different comps but next winter my plan is to visit even more counties, I plan to hit: Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, France, Slovenia, Italy and maybe North America; some places I’ve been, some I haven’t but my dream for the winter is to try, maybe fail but also maybe succeed in these wonderful destinations.

I had promised a summer of training, getting mentally and physically ready for the winter and I feel Lake Garda is the perfect place to start. I worked there a few years ago in the North and that is why I am so stoked at the prospect of getting back on my mountain bike, back to windsurfing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and some yoga. What better scenic back drop to get back on the fitness track this summer. I plan to absorb every single thing that happens and let it educate me in some way, treat every new person with respect and love and enjoy every day. Then maybe if I blog and Tweet, Facebook, and Instagram enough, a protencial sponsor will think ” that gal is hella cool, she totally deserves a new sponsor for the winter”.  I imagine they will say that in a slight Americanised accent and be wearing a tall t and high tops at the same time.

Oh well, thats the dream, for Monday and Tuesday before my departure on Wednesday I’m not going to let the Leeds girl inside me go just yet, I’m going to have to give my self a mani-pedi as I need those nails look cute while on my SUP and I will also need to work on my base tan with some tanning oil in the back garden. . . . Don’t look at me like that man, I lived in this city where the girls are scarily like the ones of Newcastle for 17 yrs before I discovered I was a total hippie!

have a lovely week all.

INVENTWETRUST- The Company Striving To Nurture The Positive Energy In All Of Us.

Alaska, America, avalanche safety, backcountry, cervinia, chamonix, courmayeur, europe, fitness, France, freeride, good vibes, gym, Italy, Jackson Hole, mountains, offpiste, pila, positivity, powder, Ski Mountaineering, skiing, skitouring, snowboard, strength, Switzerland, verbier, wellbeing, winter, workout, zermatt

I can recall very well, when I first met Fay And Neve. It was my first winter season ever, I was 18 and now I can say I knew very little about anything, still dont now- but that’s another story. I guess its far cry from Romeo and Juliet but the girls worked for a company which will not be named and myself for another rival tour operator. All bright eyed as most 18yr olds are, and after all I met many great people that fateful winter in Pila, I can safely say Fay and Neve stood out. They were surrounded by an ora of positivity and something I have mentioned before, “mountain spirit”. They are part of that elusive group of people, some meet many, some may only meet a few, the people who are quietly relaxed, happy in their own skin, care immensely for the people and the world around them and want to give the best they can give. I have had the pleasure of knowing them for years, as well as living in the same town as them again 3 years ago in Courmayeur. This is why I was over the moon when they asked me to become just a small part of their ambitions. This is not a “sponsorship” where I am whisked off to every snow covered corner of the world but instead it is an alliance, my support in return for theirs. I am showing my support by telling all you readers why you should choose their products over anyone else’s. Don’t buy something just because, buy something for the shared philosophy, for the shared passion and for the love.

There girls are based now out of the beautiful French town on Chamonix, if anyone knows mountains, its these 2, so whatever your chosen sport they have something to suit your vibe. Anyway, I cant explain it as well as they can, this is what Neve and Fay have to say about their project:


In/Vent/We/Trust is a mantra, a way of life, a collection of consciousness that manifests itself through creative endeavours. In a desperate attempt to only project, reflect and in return obtain positive energy, the concept of ditching or ‘venting’ all negative thoughts and feelings must be pursued. Its not easy in a social consciousness determined by a few and implemented by the powerful but each person can achieve a level of power and each person can use positive mental thought and action as a way to filter or ‘vent’ out the collective social toxins that seem to sometimes dwell within or hearts and minds.

The IVWT symbol has been created through the use of 3 lines that create the triangle, the mathematical symbol for change. The Rule of 3 dictates that what ever energy you put out comes back to you 3 times over. We are striving to put out positive energy and encourage positive change.

IVWT wants to promote this message with every purchase. We hope that reading this, and wearing our products reminds the owner about their conscious universe and well-being. There are no subliminal messages, no cult like behaviour or fire poi just plain and simple positivity, in as much of our lives as we can achieve. We all play intrinsic parts in each others realities,  to be observed is a life changing event, to observe is a powerful tool. We observe clothing all day long, it can tell a story. We are putting out thoughts with what we wear, so why not make them meaningful enriching and positive.

Ponder deeply.


Head online and check out their collection or just get to know them a little better:

OsteoSnow Ambassador

Alaska, America, avalanche safety, backcountry, europe, fitness, France, freeride, gym, Italy, Jackson Hole, mountains, offpiste, powder, rehabilitation, Ski Mountaineering, skitouring, snowboard, strength, Switzerland, wellbeing, winter, workout

Good Morning All, I hope everyone is well.

Sadly I am writing this before I go into work, this will involve standing for 6 hours talking about products I care so little about. However this morning I was looking over some mobile uploads from the winter and of course, once again I got to thinking about the snow. Ever since I start competing in the Freeride World Qualifier Series, things have changed so fast, one development was when I was asked to become an Ambassador for OsteoSnow.

OsteoSnow is a group of private medical clinic specialising in treatment from alpine sports injuries. They help rehabilitate you and get you back in business as soon as possible. They also specialise in preventative measures to optimise your performances, its all about keeping you on the mountain. They have multiple clinics world wide now and a whole team of specialists making sure your every medical need is catered for. In short, these are the guys you want to call in case of injury.

I received a PM from head honcho himself Andrea Faverio, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and OsteoSnow Founder. Andrea had said he had been following my posts and all my adventures and said he wanted me to represent his clinic and one of their official athletes, I of course accepted. It wasn’t a question of whether, I myself had been injured on the hill (I have of course, its a regular occurrence unfortunately) or whether I had experience in the medical field, for me it was about a shared passion. Andrea is a mountain man, a snow enthusiast and an all round top guy. Andrea has helped me further the people I can reach about my story and made me believe people want to hear it.

So Andrea and the Team at OsteoSnow, Thank you for your support and I wish you the best winter and the best of Luck for the future of this wonderfully caring and personal plan.

If you want to check out my Athletes Bio for Osteosnow, head on you my YouTube channel or my Vimeo Channel.

OsteoSnow page is or